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Fundraiser for CAB Spain First Exhibition at A Place in the Sun Glasgow

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Author: Myra Cecilia Azzopardi


Sponsors. To include your business on this post and on our Facebook group daily for thirty days.  For further information email: info@citizensasdvice.org.es

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Amount needed 2.250  Total Collected to date: 997,67

It is a sign of the success of the Citizen’s Advice Bureau Spain that we have been offered a free stand at the prestigious property exhibition, “A Place in the Sun” autumn show that will be held at the SEC in Glasgow on the 28 and 29 of October. From our own stand we will be able provide information to those attending giving advice and assurance on safe ways of purchasing a property and relocating to Spain. We are pleased that we have been recognised for the assistance and advice we already provide not only to those wishing to relocate but those who are already residing or own a holiday home in Spain.

Why are we going? We think it is time that we present our very successful product and ourselves to a wider audience. We need to make new connections and there will be a lot of media present. Exhibiting at a trade show can have benefits for our organisation. We hope this powerful platform will help us to build further on what is being recognised as an established and reliable brand that we need to further develop and strengthen.
That this international exposure could attract some serious sponsorship so much needed to run our existing association and to be able to expand and have a visible presence in all regions of Spain. Our followers will be aware that the only small amount of funding we have is derived from the kind consideration of some of our members.

To those that we have assisted to date and to those we will help in the future, to those that enjoy following us whether it be on the Facebook group or the page, for those who call us on a daily basis, to those who attend our weekly clinics, to those whom we cater for in private and on the “ask for advice” section of our website and to the thousands we assist by email, we would ask you to consider putting your hands in your pocket’s and help to support us by donating towards the cost of this venture.

Though we have a free stand we have also contributed with an advert in the ‘Place in the Sun’ magazine offered it to us at a very attractive reduction. We have ordered a banner for the stand and business cards which we also need on our return. There are the expenses for travelling to and from Glasgow and for the stay there. Two volunteers will be attending. The expenditure includes business cards, name-tags, a banner, the flights and the hotel is estimated to cost approximately 1800 euros. Should we collect more than this amount, any surplus should go towards the cost of our invitation to the UK C.A.B AGM Manchester in November.

Please note: The information provided is based upon our understanding of current legislation. It is not legal advice but is provided freely to enable you to be properly informed. We recommend that if you are considering taking action, you should seek professional advice.

How Can Citizens Advice Bureau Spain Benefit You?

As an expatriate living in Spain; do you find that the Spanish bureaucratic system can be disconcerting? Have you discovered that the simplest of transactions are difficult to conclude? Find yourself searching for answers to problems only to discover that there is nowhere where you could find a solution? I am assuming that the answer is yes and that is why should be a member of our web site if you arent already.

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