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Getting Married In Spain

Getting Married in Spain New rules were recently published in Notice of marriage is now only 7 day. the period of residency is now only 3 days, so much easier for tourist weddings. details are confirmed on the notarial guide. Scroll down

219,225 Eu Citizens May Have Left Spain In 2013.

Figures recently published state that this is the total of those who were no longer listed on the census register (padron) in 2013. The national department of statistics INE, are trying to damp down fears amongst local governments and state that

Amendment To Ec Directive Driving Licences - Apnoea And Driving In Tunnels

Amendment to EC Directive Driving Licences – Apnoea and Driving in Tunnels. New EC Directive EC Directive 2014/85/EU, 1st of July 2014 published last week, informing member states of the necessity to develope legislation dealing with: A.

Is This The Beginning? Bank Deposits To Be Taxed

Following today’s cabinet meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria announced the government was introducing a blanket taxation rate of 0.03% on all bank deposit accounts. She said that the move was aimed at harmonising

Citizens Advice Bureau Spain Membership At 10.000

It is almost inconceivable that in such a short space of time, barely a year. Citizens Advice Bureau Spain has a membership figure of 10.000. The team from CAB  Spain would like to thank you all for joining. Thank you for all your kind words an

Roaming Charges In Europe Drop Again On July 1st

News from the European Parliament. Extract from   Huge cuts in mobile data roaming price caps from 1 July – a drop of over 50% from last summer!   Type of mobile activity in the EU 2013 caps (before VAT) 2014 caps

Letters Sent From Nhs To Expats Have Many Confused.

Have you had treatment recently at your local NHS hospital? If so you are likely to receive a letter from the hospital written in Spanish. This letter will tell you of the treatment received and cost. Do not be alarmed as in most cases and if yo

Mums Abroad Interviews Myra, Founder Of Cab Spain

Citizens Advice Bureau Spain – Myra Cecilia Azzopardi Myra set up the Citizens Advice Bureau Spain in 2013. They advise on “absolutely everything that affects the expatriate community who live, invest or visit Spain, from relocation

Plan Pive 6

Published in the BOE of Saturday 21st of June, Real Decreto/Law 7/2014 confirming the sixth edition of Programa PIVE, offering financial incentive to buy more eficient vehicles, thus decreasing the amount of older vehicles on Spanish roads. A ne

Theft From Rental Cars Avoidance Advice

There is a point to this topic. We (who are habitual habitants of Spain) are aware of the robberies which often occur in places such as supermarkets parking lots. Another prime area for easy pickings is from the numerous cars parked near to our
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