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Latest news from Citizens Advice Bureau Spain

Summer And High Risk Of Fires

Alto riesgo de incendios (High risk of fires) This warning is now showing on the various roads. The throwing of cigarette butts out car windows. It is estimated that this causes around 3% of all fires. There is law prohibiting this action and al

Lithuania To Adopt The Euro As Of 1.1.2015

Published in the BOE of today, Decision of the European Counsel to allow Lithuania to adopt the Euro as of 1.1.2015. Checks and reports from the Central European Bank, European Parliament  etc. all with positive outcome, leading to this decisio

´google Tax´- Canon Aede

´GOOGLE TAX´ – CANON AEDE How did the proposal for a ´Google Tax´ or the Canon AEDE as it is mentioned in the Spanish press, come to be in the proposal for reform of the the Law of Intellectual Property in the first place? AEDE stands

Citizens Advice Bureau Registered As An Ong

Citizens Advice Bureau Spain, is now registered in the directory of associations by the Junta de Andalucia. ‘Directorio de Asociaciones as a ‘Organización sin ánimo de lucro’ ‘ONG’ (NON PROFIT ORGANISATION) It has been a long roa

Cab Spain Followed By 23 Cab Uk Offices On Twitter

The CAB Spain team volunteers work hard and long hours to assist, advice and provide accurate information for over 10.000 of its members and all who peruse the website. We were founded less than eighteen months ago. As we are the new kids on the

A Cab Hint On Making Savings – Buildings Insurance

I learned this hint from Rafa Nadales area director of expat insurances for the regions of the Malaga province and the Campo of Gibraltar areas. You can hear this directly from Rafa on a video from our second seminar. You will find this on ̵

New Property Law For The Canaries

New Property Law / Ley de Vivienda for the Canaries, published the 11th of July 2014 Following in the footsteps of Andalucia and Navarra, the Canaries now have a new Ley de Vivienda, aiming to guarantee the right to a home to all citizens. The l

Passengers On Uk Flights To Ensure That Electronic And Electrical Equipment Is Charged

All electronic and electrical devices carried in hand luggage must be charged and able to switch on. The advice came rom the US after heightened security checks and applies to flight between the US and UK. The DFT now states that this is likely

2013 Certificates Of Fiscal Residency Now Available From Hacienda

Following the completion of the 2013 tax exercise Hacienda have announced that Certificates of Fiscal Residency for 2013 can now be applied for electronically, by telephone or in person at the local tax office. This is a link to the electronic

Getting Married In Spain

Getting Married in Spain New rules were recently published in gov.uk. Notice of marriage is now only 7 day. the period of residency is now only 3 days, so much easier for tourist weddings. details are confirmed on the notarial guide. Scroll down
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