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Lost Your Investment In Spanish Property Ventures? Recover Your Deposit, ‘no Fee Upfront’ Claim

When the Spanish property boom of the early 2000s gave way to an equally big implosion in 2008, a vast number housing developments simply stopped mid build or in some cases before a brick had been laid. As the dust settled it became abundantly c

Investors, Were You Mis-sold A Bank Investment Product?

The Spanish Supreme Court has obliged a bank to refund the sum of 279,000 euros to a client who was sold bonds in a Lehman Brothers product without telling the investor of the risks associated with the investment. The judge also overturns the ju

Remove The Clausula Suelo From Your Mortgage Reduce Monthly Payments

Opportunity to remove the abusive clausula Suelo from your mortgage contracts immediately lowering your monthly payments. This clause has been written into mortgage clauses by most banks. Lawyers with expertise in the field of bank products said

Off-plan Property Purchasers, Time To Recover Your Money!

NEW AIFOS PURCHASERS OPTIONS TO RECOVER THEIR MONEY FROM THE BANKS “Better late than never”, says a very famous Spanish refrain with Words of Wisdom. Effectively and slowly but surely, the Spanish Court´s judicial system is finally providin

Plusvalia. Action Annuls Tax On Sales Of Devalued Properties

UPDATE 9.10.2016 confirming the courts are indeed beginning to take a different view, as the original article from April 2015 already stated. A recent ruling from the Supreme Court in Valencia has annulled the Plus Valia Tax that was charged by

No Win No Fee. Recover Your Off-plan Property Deposit

During the last few years, thousands of properties were purchased but never completed by the developers. Thousands of these sold properties have not been delivered to the customers. Furthermore, the developer has not refunded the stage payments

Inheritance Tax Benefits For Non-residents And Residents In Spain

The Kingdom of Spain was condemned by the Court of Justice of the European Communities in its Judgment of 3 September 2014, case C-127/12, because the Spanish regulation of the Inheritance and Gift Tax (IGT) does not comply with the principle of

New Intestacy Rules In England & Wales And How It Affects Expats In Spain

The entry into force on 1 October 2014 of the Inheritance and Trustees Powers Act 2014 in England and Wales poses a new scenario for expats living in Spain. If they live in Spain but still own property in the UK and they are “intestate

Regularisation Of Illegal Homes. Approved In The Draft Law On The 07/10/2014 By The Regional Government Of Andalucia

The Junta of Andalucía has taken the first step towards the regularisation of the 300.000 plus illegal properties located in the autonomous region with the approval of a preliminary draft of a new bill. The modification introduced will apply to
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