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Thinking Of Moving To Spain?

If you are thinking of relocating to Spain, or have recently moved here, join Blevins Franks for their free webinar on 25 October. The panel of experts, a couple of whom live locally, will cover the following topics. · Understanding the differ

Relocating To Spain. How To Seek Assistance From C.a.b Spain

Relocating to Spain: How to Seek Assistance from Citizens Advice Bureau Introduction: Moving to a new country can be an exciting adventure, but it also comes with various challenges and uncertainties. For those considering relocating to Spain, s

Spain Information Best Available By Owning The Spain Info Card

There is no doubt that this is an unbeatable way to obtain the information you require,  when you need it, with ‘the Spain info Card. Are you the type of person who insists on Independent, impartial and accurate information and advice? Then,

Purchasing A Home In Spain? Use A Dedicated Property Lawyer

We would like to thank the Lawyer Smart Card for the article below: Use a Dedicated Property Lawyer

New Eu Regulation And How Does It Affect Existing And Future Matrimonial Property In Spain?

Matrimonial Property: New European Union Regulation and how does it affect existing and future marriages for those owning property in Spain A new European Union Regulation will be in force on 29 January 2019 concerning expats of whatever nationa

International Divorce In Spain: Easier And Faster Than You May Think

Maybe you got married in the UK, in Gibraltar, or elsewhere in Europe, and you think that you need to get divorced in the country where you got married. Well, this is not the case. You can get your divorce in Spain and it will be recognised in t

Effects Of Brexit: Challenges And Opportunities For The Spanish Economy

The Spanish Government has assembled a team of legal experts to draft a Guide to promote investment in Spain post Brexit. The Guide is a Code comprising all the legal requirements concerning the financial markets. This includes commercial and ta

Monte San Juan De Los Terreros In Liquidation

This promotion went bust in 2011 leaving thousands of purchasers out of pocket. Thousands of investors, some of whom paid up to 150,000 euros for one of the off-plan properties, are not aware that they can recoup the money paid for the homes tha

Lowcost Travel Group Files Bankruptcy

Legal advice to companies and individuals affected by the bankruptcy of Low Cost Holidays The ParcBit-based British tour operator Low Cost Travel Group (LCTG) has filed for bankruptcy procedures, leaving behind debts that amount to over 50 milli

Recover Your Investment

The courts protect the consumer on the maturity of many complex financial products that they have contracted with the banks. Structured deposits offer tempting opportunities can be reduced to zero profitability or loss of investment. Many consu