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How Can Citizens Advice Bureau Spain Benefit You?

As an expatriate living in Spain; do you find that the Spanish bureaucratic system can be disconcerting? Have you discovered that the simplest of transactions are difficult to conclude? Find yourself searching for answers to problems only to discover that there is nowhere where you could find a solution? I am assuming that the answer is yes and that is why should be a member of our web site if you arent already.

Uk Nationals Residing In The Eu Extension Date For Uprating Pensions

On September 1 the UK government published an update on uprating pensions on their website under the title “Uprating guarantee for UK State Pension recipients living in EU”. It is important that those affected read the body of the news ite

The Uk’s Exit From The Eu: Important Information For Uk Nationals

CAB Spain have avoided posting the numerous Uk governments notifications of their expectations for UK Nationals in the EU in the case of a no deal Brexit. Due to the change in the UK governments terminology in these papers. (the UK government ha

Your Uk State Pension Is Changing

From April 2016, there will be changes to UK pensions. Please read all about it HERE

Tax Amnesty In Spain On Overseas Pension Income - Updated

On the 3rd January we published a News item about the amnesty announced by the Government starting from 1st January 2015 until the 30th June 2015. This is summarised below but the News item can be viewed here. From Thursday 1st January 2015, any

Tax Amnesty In Spain On Overseas Pension Income – Updated

In September I published a detailed blog about how there was nowhere to hide from the taxman. Since then the new legislation has been published and came into force on the 1st January 2015. As I explained in the blog the Spanish government had di

Automatic Exchange Of Information Within The Eu

It is often said that when America sneezes the world catches a cold, well recent US legislation has Europe reaching for the Kleenex. After committing to the American tax evasion legislation FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) the EU began

Residents And Rights To Non Contribution Pensions, Invalidity Pensions, Apply To Bring Your Pension Up To The Spanish Minimum Pension

Members who are residents of Spain and registered on the padron who wish to have information about: non contribution pensions, (includes and extra annual payment for pensioners in rental properties), invalidity pensions for those between the age

Make Sure Your Tax Affairs Are In Order: There’s Nowhere To Hide From The Spanish Taxman.

I have written many times that it’s important to make sure that your tax affairs are in order and that the Hacienda can go back 4 years under the statute of limitations. So, even though you may have submitted your 2010 return on time, they hav

Another Day, Another Headline Predicting A Tax Raid On Expats.

Another day, another sensationalist headline implying that expats face yet another tax raid, particularly those who rent out their homes, or draw a government pension. Headlines include “Expats who rent out their homes in Britain will be strip
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