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Survey. What Do You Expect from Your Spanish Lawyer?

Posted in: Information Topic, Legal/Lawyers,
Author: Myra Cecilia Azzopardi
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Due to my involvement with our community for many years as what I can only describe as a trouble shooter, I have spent many hours with lawyers and also mediating between the professionals and the Ex-pat community. I had come to the conclusion that in this field, there is a difference in the way that for example the British residents expectation of how a Spanish lawyer should carry out their duties. There has been many occasions when I been called in when cases were not conducted correctly. I have also been asked to mediate in the hope of finding solutions to misunderstandings.

This subject is one that is not normally considered by either the Ex-pats or Spanish lawyers. I would like to ask our members to contribute to this thread titled: “What do you expect from your Spanish lawyer. Thank you in advance for your contributions.

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