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1. How To Check Padrón Registration
2. Need Proof of Residency- Registered Ten Years but Padron Only Five-What Can I Do?
3. Register on the Padron Alicante
4. Parents Joining You? Why They Should Register on the Padron on Arrival
5. Do I Need a Padron Certificate to Purchase a Vehicle?
6. How To Print Off Padrón Certificate From Home
7. Residing In Spain But Not Resident, Can I Register On The Padron?
8. Should A Nonresident Register On The Padron?
9. How Do I Change Address On The Padron?
10. EU Resident. Do I Have to Renew My Inscription on the Padron/Town Hall Census?
11. How Do I Register On The Padron (census) Or De-register
12. Coronavirus - 50 Alleviating Measures: Rental Situations
13. Coronavirus - 50 Alleviating Measures: Mortgage Moratorium Amplified
14. Free Public Healthcare Catalunya and Pais Vasco
15. Changing Residency From UK to Irish Passport - Members Experience
16. Autonomos Andalucia - Novelties 2019
17. Updating Your Registration Certificate to Include Permanent Status
18. CTT Telematic Password to Register to Vote in Local Elections 2019
19. Can UK Nationals Register To Vote in the Local and EU Elections 2019?
20. Tarifa Plana Rural for Self Employed Autonomo
21. New Universal Healthcare Law July 27 2018 FAQS
22. Social Services - Grants to Adapt Homes for Disabled or Over 65
23. Convenio Especial-Legally Resident for One Year Before Applying?
24. How to Change Address/Circumstances on Residency Certificate/Authorisation
25. Application for Firearms Licence
26. Baby Born in Spain – What To Arrange For
27. Social Housing – Vivienda Protegida
28. Aragon – Catalogue Of Social Services Amplified 2017
29. How To Inform Authorities About Change Of Address Online
30. Updating Residence Certificates
31. How to Apply For a Health Card (Tarjeta Sanitaria) in Andalucia?
32. How To Register For Healthcare Through Convenio Especial Balearic Islands
33. What is a Certificado De Convivencia?
34. How to Change Address Seguridad Social?
35. What Is ´Medio Rural´ for Tourist Rental Purposes Andalucia?
36. Am I a Permanent Resident? FAQS annulled.
37. Free Healthcare The Facts
39. Import Tax Vehicles – Any Exemptions?
40. How and Where Can I Apply to Purchase Healthcare? (Convenio Especial)
42. Application Form Residency/Duplicate Certificate Ex-18
43. What Should I Do When Leaving Spain?
45. How Do I De-register My Resident Status?
46. How To Exercise Your Right To Vote In Municipal/european Elections
47. How to Change Address on Residency Card Non EU.
48. What Documents are Needed to Register a Child at School?
49. Can I Apply For Child Benefits In Spain?
50. How to Apply for Home Help for the Elderly and Disabled
51. Padrón Municipal De Habitantes. Municipal Census of Habitants.
52. Registering on the Padrón (Census) Radio Interview
53. Perks for Residents Registering on the Padron in Andalucia
54. CAB Adviser Talks on Padron Related Topics on Talk Radio Europe
55. Requisites for a Certificate of Permanent Residence and Padron Obligations
56. Pose Your Questions to CAB Senior Advisers/Paralegals at the Expat Expo Fuengirola
57. No Deal Instructions For Residents – Contingency Plan Follow Up
58. Brexit no Deal? Advisory Procedure on Residency and Driving Licence
59. Universal Healthcare – Legal Ramifications
60. Healthcare and Residency for Specific Residents Without the Right to State or Private Health Cover
61. Right to Permanent Residency Certificate Clarified
62. Digital Certificate, Indispensable
63. The Ask for Advice (AFA) Section of the Citizens Advice Spain
64. Residency Rights and Obligations Interview With Cab Adviser Tomorrow TRE
65. CAB Spain Talk with the Members of Phoenix Association
66. Brexit and Permanent Residence
67. How Do I Lose My Residency Rights? Leaving Spain? What to Do
68. IBI Subventions and Tax Obligations!
69. Drivers with Valid UK Driving Licences Fined Illegally
70. Allowances and Discrimination
71. Health Care for All in Valencia and Balearic Islands?
72. Free Healthcare The Facts
73. Healthcare for Undocumented Immigrants
74. Town Halls are Looking at you when Searching for ways to Increase Revenue
75. Voting in Municipal Elections 2015 Possible for Foreign Residents?
76. A CAB Hint on Making Savings – IBI Discounts
77. Residents and Rights to Non Contribution Pensions, Invalidity Pensions, Apply to bring your Pension up To the Spanish Minimum Pension
78. Nonresidents. The European Court of Justice rules in your Favour in Relation to Inheritance Taxes
79. Getting Married in Spain
80. 219,225 EU Citizens May Have Left Spain in 2013.
81. Mums Abroad Interviews Myra, Founder of CAB Spain
82. Nicole King Interviews Myra on Mi Marbella Radio Show 27/06/2014 – Citizens Advice Bureau Spain
83. Tax Benefits of Donations

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