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Interviews and talks by the CAB Spain team on radio and TV

Abusive Floor Clause Ecj Ruling And Mortgage Costs Claim On Radio

Talking on radio on the latest ruling from the European Court of Justice on the clausula Sueolo and how that assists those affected. The discussion also includes the new cases being initiated on recouping the costs associated with the set up of

Myth Or Fact?

CAB Spain advisers appear as guests on the Bill Padley show on Talk Radio Europe every fortnight. We discuss different topics related to the the Expatriate community in Spain. We welcome your suggestions for topics you would like to know about.

Registering On The Padrón (census) Radio Interview

There continues to be many misconceptions about what is the Padrón, how it work and who should register. For full information based on facts from the law, please tune in to Talk Radio Europe where Bill Padley chatted with a CAB Spain senior adv

Clausula Suelo In Your Mortgage Contract? Talking With Bill Padley On Tre

Many who took out a mortgage with a Spanish bank are not aware that they are still paying excessively high interest rates and are probably owed thousands. The monies lost are due to the high interests rates charged increasing the monthly mortgag

Invoicing Without Registering As Autonomo Radio Interview.

Want to know how to set up as autonomo without paying the monthly social security quota? Listen to Richelle de Wit Talking to Bill Padley this morning at 11.30am on Talk Radio Europe. https://www.citizensadvice.org.es/wp-content/uploads/TRE-Auto

Taking Up Spanish Nationality. Interview On Talk Radio Europe

Talking with Bill Padley on applying for Spanish nationality and some does and don’ts . Discussion, experiences and your input welcomed below. How to Apply for Spanish Nationality/Citizenship   https://www.citizensadvice.org.es/wp-c

Richelle Talks To Bill On Eu Driving Licences

The DGT and the two year protocol has caused much uncertainty. There are many articles on our website providing full information. One of these is titles “The Driving Licence Fiasco” found under articles. Listen to Richelle clarify th

Talking With Bill Padley On Tre About The 3% Retention On Sales And Hidden Purchase Taxes

Interview Discussiong the 3% Nonresident Retention on Sales/ Supplementary Tax on Property Purchase. Monday August 29 from 11.15 till midday live on the Bill Padley show on Talk Radio Europe Please note: The sales price for transmission tax is

Death Of A Family Member In Spain

On the death of a family member in Spain, most will have made prior funeral arrangements. The funeral director will take charge of the funeral arrangements which will include obtaining the death certificate and registering the death at the regis

Richelle Talks Tourist Holiday Rentals Andalucia New Law

Monday 11th July 2016 Richelle Talks to Bill Padley of Talk Radio. Comprehensive cover about the strict recent law on holiday rentals in Andalucia. Includes some information on rural rentals. https://www.citizensadvice.org.es/wp-content/uploads/

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