CAB Spain to put a man (or woman) on The Moon ?

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On the 25th May 1961 John F Kennedy pledged that the USA would aim to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. Tragically he didn’t live to see that achievement, but it’s still impacting on our lives today over 50 years later, through the continuing development of science and technology. You can also argue that it changed the political landscape, with the eventual breakup of the Soviet Union, and the end of the cold war.

That’s all very interesting I hear you say, but what on earth has that got to do with CAB Spain. Well, I think there are two links to Kennedy that are worth discussing.

The first is about vision. One of the most important aspects of leadership is having vision. They don’t need all the answers; they just need to have the ideas, and the ability not to get bogged down in the daily detail. We’re all guilty of this, “no sorry, we can’t do that because”, “I don’t think that’s possible”, “I don’t know how” and so on.

Leaders don’t let that happen, they just know the direction they want to go, surround themselves with people who have the knowledge and drive to achieve their aims, and off we jolly well go. It’s not always an easy road, and sometimes they take a wrong turn, but they still carry on, because they know where they are going. Steve Jobs would be another example with the development of the IPhone, which has revolutionised the way we operate in less than 10 years.
If you’re still not clear about the links to CAB Spain, have a look at the history. Started in August 2013, and nearly 8 months and nearly 9,000 members later, we have a great team of people working together to help each other. From Myra and her team providing guidance on the law and other things, to every member contributing from their own experience (not always correctly I may add ) and we’ve just launched this website.
All this from a dream of creating a Facebook group to help people in their daily lives.

The second link to Kennedy is the 25th May. That’s the date of the European Elections, when all 28 countries voted for to elect members of the European Parliament. Whatever you may think of the European Union, it has an enormous impact on our daily lives.From the Directives about driving licences, which we discuss on a weekly basis (or so it seems), to the long awaited decision on the discrimination of the Spanish laws on inheritance tax. All these things have their roots in the EU, and they have a lot of power, although like any large government institution, it seems to take an awful long time for something to actually happen.

So, you had the opportunity to vote on the 25th May, always providing of course that you have registered. If you didn’t register or vote, then make sure you do for the next elections.

I sometimes think democracy is something we take for granted in the west. People in countries just starting the democratic process queue for hours, and sometimes walk miles, to be able to cast their vote. You can only moan if you have cast your vote.

Anyway, I thought in future blogs I would try and unravel some of the mysteries of the EU and the way it works and impacts on our lives. If you enjoyed this little piece, it was written by me Philip Carroll, if not, it was ghost written by Richelle on my behalf.

Please note: The information provided is based upon our understanding of current legislation. It is not legal advice but is provided freely to enable you to be properly informed. We recommend that if you are considering taking action, you should seek professional advice.

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