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Lawyer Smart Card

Your Pathway to a Lawyer

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About Lawyer Smart Card

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The Lawyer Smart Card is the pathway to one of the largest networks of dedicated lawyers in Spain and the Islands who speak your language.

Q) What is the Lawyer Smart Card?

A) The Lawyer Smart Card is a membership card which primarily gives you access to a registered lawyer who speaks your language simply by phoning the Call Centre.

Q) What are the advantages of owning a Lawyer Smart Card?

A) Owning a Lawyer Smart Card guarantees:
Professionalism: Every Smart Card Lawyer is chosen for their expertise in a particular legal area.
Integrity:. Fair fees, trust, transparency and security giving you peace of mind.
Commitment: Assurance that the your matter is dealt with efficiently.
Reliability: Dedication to the client and resolved to keep the lines of communication open.

Q) Would I need the card after instructing a lawyer?

A) It is wise to keep up your membership. Lawyers are not normally general lawyers so it is not always advisable to use the same lawyer for all matters. Lawyers specialise in their fields of expertise.

Q) Does the Lawyer Smart Card have any features?

A) Yes the Smart Card is just that. It contains a pin protected chip which will include your details such as: name, address, telephone number your personal pin and any other details you wish to add to the chip.

Q). Does the chip have a section for the lawyers details?

A). Yes. Either you or your lawyer can add the lawyers, name address, telephone number and email address. Keeping vital information on your Smart Card.

Q). Does the chip have a section for notes?

A). Yes. You can add notes to the chip such as case numbers, appointments and other notes.

Q) Do these details remain on my Smart Card permanently?

A). No. Presuming you have bought your inexpensive card writer reader, you can change the data on your Smart Card as you wish.

Q) As my Smart Card will hold personal details, will anyone else be able to access these?

A). No. Just the same as a credit or debit bank card, your smart card will have your own personal pin so only you will be able to access the details contained in the Smart Card..


“I think it is extremely invaluable to have ready access to legal professionals. It is encouraging to know that the “Smart Card Lawyers” have been interviewed for their suitability. I think this is an excellent way to eliminate risks . Engagement in the Spanish legal system is a minefield.I see this as an invaluable innovation for the expatriate community residing here, owners of holiday homes and visitors to Spain”.


How to Contact Lawyer Smart Card

Web Site URL: https://lawyersmartcard.eu/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lawyersmartcard/