Web Site Development Road Map

The purpose of this document is to keep everyone updated as to the development of the web site in terms of new features and improvements.

This list is maintained by Craig Edmonds.

List of Pending Items

  1. Ability for members to save articles to their profile so they can login and refer to their favourite articles.
  2. Services directory is needed for free and paid services so members can find details and contacts of services.
  3. Create a sponsors page showing list of contributing sponsors.
  4. On the events page, display a list of all the past events.
  5. Autoclose questions after 48 hours when the question_status is changed to “answered_by_admin”.  This will reduce the amount of “open” questions and prompt users to either follow up or close their questions. When a question is auto closed, the member will have the ability to reopen the question.
  6. Add ability so that when a post is created within wordpress send the post to facebook and twitter automatically or allow posts to be sent to social media channel easier.
  7. Make an automated daily summary email to each admin listing any questions assigned to them.
  8. Need to test if members are receiving emails when another member posts a new comment. Currently members are posting comments but I am not 100% sure if members participating in the comment thread are receiving the update.
  9. Testimonials do not seem to be in any particular order. The most recently added ones should be at the top of the page.
  10. When a new AFA question is created, the notification email needs to contain a direct link to the question so the admin can click on the email and jump directly into the members question. Currently it only contains a link to the main list of questions.
  11. In the emails that go to admins when a member updates their question, the link to the post within admin is redirecting back to the members home page dashboard. This is a possible bug in a recent wordpress update.
  12. Make a video called “Why Donate to CAB Spain” so we can send it to people to explain what CAB Does and why they should donate.
  13. When someone clicks on the “I don’t want to donate button” in the members area, we should send an email to them with a link to a video.
  14. Make the site more “accessible” for visually impaired users. See a blog post here with some thoughts.
  15. In some cases the AFA’s are quite lengthy and the team has to spend ALOT of time with some members so need a way to request that members donate additional funds to top up the AFA, perhaps a voluntary donation of addition €5 or €10.

Completed Items

  1. Completed June 2018 – Add google translate widget to site header so it can be used across all pages.
  2. Completed November 2017 – Integrate sendy into citizensadvice.org.es so we can start a mailing list.
  3. Completed 13/6/2017 – Integrated the algolia.com search api into the search page in order to offer members a better search experience. We are limited to 100,000 requests a month so will need to monitor the requests during the first month.
  4. Completed 15/5/2017 – Created a daily cron email job to send Myra a logwatch email with details on activity for the web site. Logwatch currently contains a list of the successful and failed search terms used in the main search and which email accounts were detected as being spam signups. More logwatch items will be added later.
  5. Completed on 14/5/2017 – Started logging the search queries from the search page so we can start seeing what users are searching for. I also two filters. 1.  a filter to reflect if the search the user has made yielded any results or not and 2. if the user was logged in or not and if logged in, what their userid is. This means we can identify new topics users are interested in and track what users are searching for. In addition if the user is logged in, we can see which user it is. This would be useful as an alert if a member has searched for something but could not find any answer. It would mean we could create an alert, send it to the admin and then perhaps get in touch with the user offering them some help.
  6. Completed on 10/4/2017 – Ability for members to edit their profile.
  7. Completed on 5/4/2017 – Social Sharing buttons on all articles.
  8. Completed 12/1/2017 – Changed the body font color to black (#000) and changed background color to lighter grey (#F4F4F4).
  9. Completed 28/12/2016 – created plugin to use block-disposable-email.com to block spam signup as we get a lot of spam signups on a daily basis.
  10. Completed 28/12/2016 – Disable admin notifications when new member is created in system. Currently its resulting in a lot of emails to craig and is an annoyance.
  11. Completed 2/12/2016 – On the checkout page, make it visible to users that paying with paypal also includes paying with credit card.
  12. Completed 2/12/2016 – On the checkout page, extended the explanation for users paying with bank transfer.
  13. Completed September 2016 – Create legal blog section (as per Myra).
  14. Completed September 2016 – Created the Android version of mobile app.
  15. Completed August 2016 – Site Search. We need to put in an advanced search function so visitors can search all content on the web site.
  16. Completed 17/9/2016: Ask for advice priority donation functionality
  17. Completed 10/8/2016: Fix an issue with admins typing the titles of posts in ALL CAPS. This is the same as SHOUTING on the internet. Need to make a script for functions.php so that when a post is saved or updated, it will make the post title UCWORDS if it detects ALL CAPS.
  18. Completed 10/8/2016: Take the post here and make it a featured post on the myras, blog page and anywhere it needs to appear where its visible to all members.
  19. Completed 10/8/2016: Need to add “total comments” to the top of posts that contain comments. We would put the total next to the date so users can clearly see when they view the page that there are comments available to view.
  20. Completed 3/8/2016: Give members the ability to mark a question as being resolved.
  21. Completed: 3/8/2016: Restrict members to only open 1 question at a time. If they try to open a question whilst another is in progress, they will be prompted to mark the question as resolved before they can will be allowed to open a new one. This will prevent members opening many questions and bombarding the CAB Team.
  22. Completed 1/8/2016: Inside comments we need to highlight who is a CAB Admin.
  23. Completed 1/8/2016: Need to put a disclaimer across the bottom of pages to inform public that CAB is not professional advice service.

Dismissed Items

  1. 9/8/2019 – Create ios version of mobile app (android version was dropped due to low interest and unstable platform which runs the app so unlikely an ios version can be built. Better to focus more features on the web version of CAB).
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