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Protection of Domestic Animals in Force in Spain

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The long awaited Pet Protection laws came into force in Spain on 01/02/18.  This after the (European Convention on the Protection of Domestic Animals).

The law prohibits the use of surgical interventions to modify the appearance or other non-curative purposes .

May not, Cut the tail, ears, section the vocal cords, remove teeth and nails for aesthetic purposes. (Only allowed for healing purposes). The giving of domestic animals as as prizes or rewards is prohibited.

The actions above are  considered as aesthetic and now  will only be authorised if a veterinarian considers them beneficial either for medical reasons,  for the benefit of a particular animal or to prevent reproduction.

In addition, it establishes that any intervention in which the animal may suffer pain can only be carried out under anaesthesia. These treatments can only be administered by a veterinarian. Those treatments that do not require anaesthesia, may be performed by a competent person in accordance with national legislation.

Putting a pet to sleep.

The European regulations state that “a companion animal can only be put down by a veterinarian or other competent person”.  The exception to this rule is only acceptable when an animal is suffering and in cases of emergency where the assistance of a veterinarian or other competent person in not available. Also in other emergency cases provided for by national legislation.

In the case above, euthanasia  must be undertaken with the least possible physical and psychological suffering. Using a general anaesthesia and  that the procedure must cause death rapidly and humanely.

The  convention prohibits using drowning or other methods of suffocation. The law also prohibits the use of poisons, drugs or electrocution unless preceded by immediate loss of consciousness.

Stray Animals.

The convention establishes  limits to the possession of pets and the forms of  culling of stray animals.

No unauthorised control of reproduction of street animals by any means including sterilisation. The encouragement of control of breeding by the competent authorities.  The existence of stray animals must be brought to the attention of authorities. To Clarify the Spanish version on this, note the extract  from the EU:

“Article 12 – Reduction of numbers When a Party considers that the numbers of stray animals present it with a problem, it shall take the appropriate legislative and/or administrative measures necessary to reduce their numbers in a way which does not cause avoidable pain, suffering or distress.Presents of Domestic Animals Will Be Regulated”.

With its entry into force, Spain is committed to promoting information programs to promote tenure, breeding, training, trade and custody of pets, awareness and knowledge.

Particular attention should be taken to ensure that the training is carried out  by those with appropriate knowledge.  Measures are to be established to discourage the gifts of companion animals to children under 16 years of age without the express consent of their parents.

The agreement also regulates various aspects such as maintenance, custody, welfare, trade and breeding for commercial purposes or the use of animals in advertising, shows, exhibitions or contests.

Owners are Responsible for the Health and Wellbeing of Their Pets. The objective that no one shall inflict pain, suffering or anguish on companion pets. Or that they should be abandoned. Owners to take all reasonable measures to prevent the escape of their pets.

Thank you to Noticias Juridicas for this information.

Full Draft

Please note: The information provided is based upon our understanding of current legislation. It is not legal advice but is provided freely to enable you to be properly informed. We recommend that if you are considering taking action, you should seek professional advice.

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