Myra Cecilia Azzopardi Q.Inst.Pa

Qualified Paralegal

Founder of the Citizens Advice Bureau Spain organisation.

Speaks: Bilingual - English / Spanish.

myra cecilia azzopardi, founder of the citizens advice bureau spain organisation. at citizens advice bureau spain

Myra Cecilia Azzopardi is a qualified and registered paralegal Q.Inst.Pa

Born into a forces family, Myra spent her childhood travelling and residing in various countries. This way of life continued into adulthood. Her own experience as a perpetual expatriate may have unconsciously directed her to pursue a career aimed at the Spanish expatriate community.

After she attended Secondary School in Cyprus and a short stint at college in Wiltshire, Myra continued travelling to Ireland where her daughter was born. Whilst dabbling in the music business she was eventually taken on as an executive for Polygram Dublin. A short time at Public Relations in Ireland and then off to Cologne, Germany, to work at a recording studio for a while. Stints in various countries, finally settling in Spain in 1993. In 1995 Myra was asked to set out a list detailing the type of problems that the non-Spanish community and visitors were experiencing whilst in Spain. Assisting a group of interested people, the first office for foreigners was eventually set up in Estepona by the then newly elected Government. This led to a profound involvement in four municipal elections, including being offered to stand as a councillor in the 2011 elections. Though tempted, Myra decided to stand down before the list was announced.

As a result of her experiences in aiding the expatriate community during the political campaigns, Myra became very involved in assisting and supporting the community who had little or no knowledge of the Spanish language and more importantly, the complex Spanish bureaucracy and the continual updating of the law and regulations. A demand for a more extensive service concluded with Myra setting up the Costa Advice Bureau in 2006.

During the following seven years, it became apparent that the expatriate community needed a place and persons to whom they could turn to for support. With this in mind, Myra commenced on a project to set up a group for the expatriate residents, non-residents and visitors alike, in need of advice, assistance, and accurate information. This and more, they can now find at the Citizens Advice Bureau Spain.

Myra also embarked upon journalism whilst in Ireland and, for many years, had her own informative column in an English language newspaper and wrote on demand for various magazines.

Myra’s comprehensive knowledge and experience coupled with her mediation skills, has meant that she has become a popular invitee to give talks to members of associations and groups of expatriates. Her seminars focus on current affairs. This includes information on numerous topics and advantages afforded to our community that they may not aware of. Sharing this knowledge has meant big savings for her members in most transactions that need to be carried out on a daily basis in Spain.

Although the bureau was originally set up for the non-Spanish communities, Myra is inspired to see that Spaniards have also joined and are benefiting from the information provided. Myra says:

“For all those who are working, living or retired in Spain, and for those who are considering relocating – This service is for you and provided as a FREE service.”

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