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Julie Payne


Speaks: English

julie payne, administrator at citizens advice bureau spain

Having lived on the Costa del Sol for nearly 15 years now, and surprisingly survived all the vagaries of the differences in the systems and constitutions between Britain and Spain, she has come to regard the Costa del Sol as irresistible, not just for the exceptional climate but also for the people.

Julie loves the diversity of cultures and the amazing mix of nationalities from all over the world. She is fascinated by the fact that that they are all united in one goal, which is to live here, under the auspices of the Spanish Government and to make sense of the baffling system in Spain, whatever they may have been used to in their native lands.

The Citizens Advice Bureau Spain gives everyone the opportunity to ask questions and get sound advice. It was for this reason she offered to volunteer her invaluable skills to the cause. The bureau is fortunate to be able to avail of Julie’s skills which include: project management and protocols, office administration, publishing, community president, and a fairly in-depth knowledge of the internet.

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