Nie / Nif – What Is The Difference?

The website from the Agencia Tributaria explains it all. Here´s the link in Spanish, if you want the English translation, use the option in top right hand corner of the website to change. CLICK HERE  

Inheritance Taxes And Eu Ruling Spain?

Please visit the link below for more information. Send us an email if you think you may be able to reclaim. Nonresidents. The European Court of Justice rules in your Favour in Relation to Inheritance Taxes

I Need Information On Spanish Taxation

Please visit our library where you will find many explanatory documents under the title of ‘Personal Taxation’

What Is The ‘complementaria’ Tax (hidden Tax)

All properties purchased are subject to a transmission tax. The percentage of this tax on the purchase price of the property can vary depending on the region and price of the property. Normally between 8/10%.   Each purchaser will pay this tax

What Is The Supplementary Tax (hidden Tax) On A Property?

Bought a property paid taxes and now received a supplementary tax bill? Please read the information on this below. Supplementary Tax   You may have a claim against this tax. For information contact your lawyer or email: myra@citizensadvic

Do I Need An Accountant To Present My Taxes. Can I File My Tax Returns?

You can do it yourself, online, when you´re confident in Spanish and have a digital certificate installed on your computer. Teammember Philip Carroll has written a series of very comprehensive info on the subject, complete with ´how to´. You

Do I Need To Pay Import Taxes When Buying Online From Source Abroad?

Not within the EU, from outside EU yes. Read all about it in the information sheet linked below.  IMPORT TAXES WHEN BUYING ONLINE OR RECEIVING SHIPMENT FROM ABROAD LINK TO INFORMATION SHEET
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