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Countries That Require A Negative Sars-cov-2 Test To Enter Spain

“List of countries and areas that require a diagnostic test for active SARS-CoV-2 infection with a negative result from passengers coming from them as a requirement to enter Spain Countries of the European Union / European Economic Area. T

Covid-19 Correct Use Of Masks - Update 13.10.2020

Update 13.10.2020 re different kinds of masks suitable for different situations: hygienic masks for healthy people, surgical masks for those tested positive (with or without symptoms), EPI masks for those caring for or in contact with COVID-pati

Covid-19 New Bono Social Electricity And Cooling/heating

There is a further extension from December 2020. As approved in the Consejo de Ministros on the 29th of September 2020. Electrical social bonus for family units in which some of its members are unemployed, on ERTE or have had their working hours

Covid-19 Ertes Extended Till 31.1.2021

Automated translation of an article from the Moncloa website. We will add more details after reading the publication in the State Gazette and the SEPE website, when necessary. Link to relevant info SEPE for employees. Link to relevant info SEPE

Covid-19 Benefits For Autonomos Extended Till 31.1.2021

Automated translation of an article from the Moncloa website, we’ll add more details from the publication in the State Gazette when necessary. Aid for self-employed workers is extended until January 31, 2021, specifically the benefits for

Sepe And Pay Back Erte Or Paro In Instalments

When you’ve received undue unemployment benefits and have received a notification about the reimbursement, you can apply for repayment in instalments, within 30 days. INFO SEPE WEBSITE INFORMATIVE ARTICLE in Spanish

Covid-19 And Jobseeker Registration Renewal

Most Autonomous Employment Agencies renew the jobseeker registrations ‘demandante de empleo’ automatically, many till the 31st of December so that visits to the offices can be avoided (for those without electronic ID). Keeping this r

New Law Regulating 'remote Working' And 'teleworking'

The government has approved a new law to regulate ‘Trabajo a distancia’ of which ‘teletrabajo’ is a sub-category. The difference: “Trabajo a distancia/Remote working” or Telecommuting is a broader concept. It

Erte And Sick Leave/sick Pay

Info from SEPE for different cases. First one when already on sick leave when employer arranges for an ERTE and the second one for situations where there is an ERTE in place and an employee falls ill. LINK TO SEPE WEBSITE Translation of 2nd exam

Covid-19 Mecuida Special Leave Of Absence For Carers

Scroll down for update: extended validity. Automated translation from a recent addition to the Government website with information about COVID Measures for workers. MECUIDA: Special leave of absence The Government has established measures to car