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Types of Assistance When Unemployment Benefits are Exhausted

The pandemic has left thousands of workers in a difficult financial situation and who may be entitled to unemployment if they have contributed to Social Security for at least one year. However, when this contributory benefit ends or has not been entitled to it, the State Employment Service (SEPE) provides other unemployment benefits , although the requirements are stricter:

Subsidy for insufficient contribution
Employees who have worked less than a year can also access unemployment benefits, although its duration will depend on the months of contributions and whether or not there are family responsibilities. If these responsibilities exist, the subsidy will last 3, 4 or 5 months, if you have contributed 3, 4 or 5 months, respectively, or 21 months, if you have contributed for 6 months or more. The monthly amount of the unemployment benefit is equal to 80% of the public indicator of multiple effects income (IPREM), which this year is 451.92 euros .

Active Insertion Income (RAI)
To receive Active Insertion Income (RAI), you must necessarily be in one of these four situations: Long-term unemployed over 45 years of age; Returned emigrants over 45 years of age, victims of gender or domestic violence or people with disabilities equal to or greater than 33%.

In each and every one of the options, you must meet these general requirements : be under 65 years of age, have no own income of more than 712.50 euros per month, that the family unit does not exceed the income limit (the sum of the monthly income obtained by all the members of their family unit: the applicant, their spouse and their disabled children under 26 years of age or older or foster minors), divided by the number of members that compose it does not exceed 712.50 euros per month per member, and not having been a beneficiary of three previous Active Income Programs.

The benefit can be collected for a maximum of 11 months and can be requested up to three times. 80% of the IPREM (public indicator of multiple effects income) is charged, 451.92 euros per month (amount already updated for the year 2021). Normally payment is made on the 10th of each month.

Unemployment benefit for people over 52 years of age
People aged 52 and over who have exhausted their unemployment benefit or subsidy can opt for a benefit of 451 euros per month until they reach retirement age , at which point they will start to collect the corresponding pension, or get a new employment contract .

To retire (and therefore to be able to request this subsidy) it is required to have accumulated at least 15 years of retirement contributions in any Social Security scheme (employee, self-employed, household employees, etc.), and also, two of which must be within the last 15 years

This aid, which came into force on March 13, 2019 after RDL 8/2019 was approved , incorporates the following improvements compared to the previous one for people over 55: the age of access to the subsidy for people over 55 years old is reduced to 52 years. This subsidy contributes towards retirement . Both for the new beneficiaries of the subsidy for those over 52 and for what the old one over 55 is currently receiving, it increases from 100% to 125% of the minimum contribution base for which the SEPE enters the contributions it makes for the unemployed. The partiality of the subsidy is eliminated , both for new applications and for those that are already being received partialized at present, which will charge it at 100% (451.92 euros per month in 2021 ). These cases will be updated ex officio by the SEPE. The age up to which the subsidy covers is extended , which will be the legal retirement age. The worker may choose between early retirement, if he meets the requirements, or wait until the legal retirement age, collecting the subsidy in the meantime.

Subsidy for over 45s
It is an aid of 451.95 euros per month for people aged 45 years or over who are long-term unemployed , have exhausted the contributory benefit and cannot find a job due to their difficulty in accessing the labor market. In addition, they should not have family responsibilities in their charge. It is also essential that they are registered as jobseekers for one month from the exhaustion of the benefit, that they have not rejected an adequate placement offer and that they do not enter more than 75% of the SMI.

SEPE family help
The SEPE also offers an unemployment benefit with family responsibilities due to the exhaustion of the contributory benefit . This concept also includes the spouse, in the event that they are financially dependent on the person requesting the subsidy. Dependent children must be under 26 years of age. The duration varies depending on the age and the time during which the contributory claim was received:

– If you are under 45 years of age and have exhausted a contributory benefit of at least 4 months, you will have the right to total 18 months.

– If you are under 45 years of age and have exhausted a contributory benefit of at least 6 months, you will be entitled to a total of 24 months.

– If you are over 45 years of age and have exhausted a 4-month contributory benefit, you will be entitled to a total of 24 months.

– If you are over 45 years of age and have exhausted a contributory benefit of at least 6 months, you will have the right to total 30 months.

Allowance for returned emigrants
It is a subsidy for Spanish citizens who have had to go abroad for work reasons. They can request it if they have developed a work activity abroad and, when they return, they are not entitled to receive the tax. Another requirement different from the common ones is that they must have worked at least 12 months, in the last six years since their last departure from Spain, in countries not belonging to the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

Help for people with a disability pension
When a person no longer meets the requirements to collect the Social Security disability pension, the SEPE offers a six-month subsidy, but it can be renewed three more times . The amount, like the rest of the unemployment benefits, is 451 euros per month , 80% of the IPREM.

In order to receive this aid, the interested party must have a recognized degree of disability equal to or greater than 33% ; having extinguished a contributory benefit or unemployment benefit, except by penalty; and be continuously registered in the employment office as a job seeker for 12 or more months.

Allowance for released from prison
The SEPE explains that people released from prison also have the right to receive an unemployment benefit for six months , extendable for another two periods of the same duration, up to a maximum of 18 months. In addition, the beneficiary must be registered as a job seeker, not have rejected a suitable placement offer, not have the right to contributory unemployment benefit and have been in prison for more than 6 months. Those who have overcome a drug addiction during their time in prison may also benefit.

Thanks to DiarioSur for this information.

Please note: The information provided is based upon our understanding of current legislation. It is not legal advice but is provided freely to enable you to be properly informed. We recommend that if you are considering taking action, you should seek professional advice.

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