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How to Apply for the Convenio Especial Andalucia

Convenios: Special agreements for the provision of healthcare

They are agreements for health care for people with effective residency in Spain who do not have the status of insured or beneficiaries of the National Health System, by paying an economic consideration.

This procedure is especially applicable to citizens of the European Union who have lost the right to health coverage from their country of origin, as established in current European regulations.

The special agreement will allow people who subscribe to access the benefits of the basic common portfolio of care services of the National Health System. with the same guarantees of extension, continuity of care and coverage enjoyed by people who hold the status of insured or beneficiaries of the National Health System, within the scope of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia.

The basic common portfolio includes all the preventive, diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation assistance activities carried out in health centres or health partners, as well as urgent health transport.

The benefits of the supplementary common portfolio are excluded and therefore include the following:

Pharmaceutical benefit
Orthoprosthetic provision.
Provision with dietary products.
Non-urgent sanitary transport.

Any person who temporarily moves to the territory of another autonomous community, will be entitled to receive in that territory the benefits of the basic common portfolio of assistance services of the National Health System.


Proof of effective residence in Spain for a continuous period of at least one year immediately preceding the date of the application for the special agreement.
Be registered , at the time of submitting the application for subscription of the special agreement, in a municipality belonging to the territorial scope of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia .

Not having access to a public health protection system by any other title, either by application of national regulations, Community regulations on Social Security or bilateral agreements that in this matter have been signed by Spain with other countries .

Application and processing:

The procedure for signing the special agreement for the provision of healthcare will always be initiated at the request of the interested person or voluntary representative.
The application model  Download available in the Citizen Attention Units of Primary Health Care Districts and Health Management Areas as well as on this page, can be presented in any of the places of the Public Administrations and the request is addressed to the Management of the Andalusian Health Service, accompanied by the following documents:

ID document of the applicant (DNI / NIE / passport).
Document proving the effective residence in Spain during a continuous period of at least one year immediately prior to the date of the request for subscription of a special agreement.
Certificate of registration in any of the municipalities of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, with date updated to the request of the special agreement.

When the Management of the Andalusian Health Service decides to estimate the request, two copies of the model agreement will be sent to the address of the applicant for signature.
The interested party must send the two signed copies to the Management of the Andalusian Health Service for final formalisation, together with the copy of the payment document of the first instalment.

The special agreement will begin to take effect the same day of its formalisation until its termination due to any of the causes included in the current legislation.
Economic consideration

The subscriber of the special agreement is obliged to make the payment, in concept of  economic compensation for the benefits of the agreement, of a monthly fee through entry into the restricted account of the Andalusian Health Service.
Currently, the amount of this fee is € 60 for people under 65 and € 157 for those over that age.

Please note: The information provided is based upon our understanding of current legislation. It is not legal advice but is provided freely to enable you to be properly informed. We recommend that if you are considering taking action, you should seek professional advice.

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