Coronavirus - De-escalation Situation As Of May 2nd 2020

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From the speech by the Health Minister this evening. Updated 1 .5.2020 with information from the Press Release Moncloa website and publication ministerial order in the State Gazette.

Outings as of Saturday, the 2nd of May during different time-slots.

06 – 10.00 hrs and 20-23 hrs Individual sports activities and walks by those 14 and older.

10 – 12.00 hrs and 19-20 hrs Reserved for those in a situation of special needs or dependency, accompanied by their carer, and for those over 70.

12-19.00 hrs Children under 14, with one parent, same rules as before, but restricted to this time-block.

All sport activities individually and restricted to one time/day and you have to remain within the boundaries of your municipality.

All walks are limited to once a day, for as long as you want within the relevant timeslot, and a maximum distance from home of 1 km. And walks/play-activities children limited to once a day, 1hr and max. distance from home of 1 km.

When on walks, you can be accompanied by one other person from your household or a habitual carer if you require one to accompany you.

Definition ‘individual sport activities’: non professional practice of any individual sport that does not require contact with third parties.

You can do sports or go for a walk on your own AND take your children out, AND go shopping at another time on the same day. Those activities are compatible, you do not have to choose one or the other.

Maintain social distance of 2 meters, wash hands before and after, avoid unnecessary stops in the public road. Recommended distance (source: Junta de Andalucia) from others when walking, 4-5 meters, running 10 meters and when cycling 20 to 40 meters, depending on speed.

The time slots provided in this article will not apply to those municipalities and entities of territorial scope inferior to the municipality administered by nuclei of separated population with a population equal to or less than 5,000 inhabitants, in which the practice of the activities allowed by this order may be carried out between
6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. CAB Note: so if you live in a ‘barrio’ and it comes up with its own name on the INE website, as separate from the main municipality it is part of, and is listed with up to 5.000 inhabitants, the rules above do not apply, as long as you remain within your ‘barrio’.  You could consider that for sports purposes, when there is no limit to distance as long as within municipality boundaries, the main town’s boundaries would be the relevant ones, but then, if the main municipality holds more than 5.000 inhabitants, you would have to stick to the time slots.

Link to National Statistics Institute, to look for data for your barrio or municipality.

Exceptionally, these time slots may not be applicable in those cases in which, for duly accredited medical reasons, the practice of physical activity is recommended outside the established ranges, as well as for justified reasons of conciliation of the companions of an elderly, minors or disabled person. Note from CAB: when the companion is not able to accompany said persons during their timeslot for reasons of work, e.g.

To enable the safety distance to be maintained, local entities will facilitate the distribution of public space in favor of those who walk and bike, in that order of priority. Note from CAB: local town halls can decide to (partially) close of roads or lanes for motorised vehicles, to facilitate more room for walkers and cyclists.

What about dogs?

As the limitations with regards to taking out your dog were in place to protect the health of the person accompanying the animal, now that people are allowed to go out for longer walks and to do individual sports, dogs can accompany them. Confirmed by Health Minister Illa on the radio. Note from CAB: The rules re walking and doing sports are compatible with the previous ones, re going out for reason of necessity. So you can still go out at times outside the timeslots, to the farmacia or to do your shopping, or to walk your dog, but limited to time necessary for the dog to take care of business, same as before. For longer walks, within the timeslots for human exercise.


Excluded from this measure are people with symptoms, those who are in quarantine and in home isolation because they are third-party contact with symptoms or diagnosed with COVID-19.

Given the epidemiological situation, people residing in elderly health centres are also excluded from this order.

In addition, access to closed sports facilities will not be allowed, nor will it be possible to use a motorized vehicle or public transport to go and do physical activity.

A second ministerial order has been issued, with regards to activities of agricultural non-professional nature, enabling those with veggie plots, either in their own town, or the neighbouring town, to go there to care for the plot, provided it’s for home-use, no commercial purpose. Taking care and feeding of animals has been mentioned as well, and the proximity as above mentioned can be amplified for reasons of necessity. Likewise if the produce from the plot is essential for a family’s alimentation, due to their socio-economic situation of vulnerability. Displacements for these purposes limited to the absolute minimum and individually, except when accompanying a disabled, minor or elderly person and will last for as long as indispensable to carry out the necessary tasks.

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Please note: The information provided is based upon our understanding of current legislation. It is not legal advice but is provided freely to enable you to be properly informed. We recommend that if you are considering taking action, you should seek professional advice.

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