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Convenio Especial-Legally Resident for One Year Before Applying?

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Author: Myra Cecilia Azzopardi
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Most of the provinces have drafter requisites for making an application to buy into the NHS for healthcare. This information including details from the various provinces can be found by searching ‘convenio especial’ on this website.

In reality the juntas’ are asking that you have resided here for one year. Examples on application forms:


Photocopy of DNI/NIE/passport or ‘tarjeta de residencia’ of the interested party.
Document which accredits real residency in Spain for a continuos period of one year.
Certificate of padron in the community Autonomous of Andalucia.


Photocopy of DNI/ NIE/Passport.
Document which accredits real residency in Spain for a continuos period of one year.
Certificate or leaflet from the padron in the municipality where residing That shows that they are registered on the date that they solicit the convenio.

Just two examples of many. There is no requisite to hold a residency document.

Valencia region have been known to approve the convenio after only a few months registered on the padron.

We have a test case where a couple in Andalucia have applied for the convenio and then hoping to use this healthcare to apply for residency. We will keep you updated.

CAB Spain suggests that anyone who needs health cover and are willing to pay into the NHS system (convenio especial), should apply.

This could be a way for those who for whatever reason did not register for residency and cannot afford private healthcare and or because it does not cover pre-existing conditions, may wish to try this route.

Please note: The information provided is based upon our understanding of current legislation. It is not legal advice but is provided freely to enable you to be properly informed. We recommend that if you are considering taking action, you should seek professional advice.

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