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Dr. Maria Tacchi

Medical Adviser

Speaks: Italian / English / Spanish

dr. maria tacchi, medical adviser at citizens advice bureau spain

Dr. María Cecilia Tacchi is a fully qualified M.D and registered at the Colegio de Médicos de Málaga. Maria, who qualified in internal medicine and Hematology, came to Spain in 2007 where she commenced working for the Spanish NHS. After experiencing some unfortunate incidents during her own personal healthcare, she became interested in the field of patient advocacy. This type of work consists of assisting the patient to get the best healthcare available. Each patient is treated as an individual, which is often not taken into account by the medical system, not only here in Spain, but in Europe generally.

After working for four years in the province of Córdoba, Maria arrived at the Costa del Sol with her husband and her two small children. She began working in the private sector in two well-known hospitals of the region. It was here that she realised that the many of the expat community lacked accurate advice and assistance. This community was often in need of some tender guidance through what, to them, was an unfamiliar system.

Although Maria acknowledges that the Spanish health system is one of the best in Europe in medical terms, where it fails is in its bureaucratic structure. Cutbacks have left the personnel overwhelmed and this has a very direct consequence on the patient. The latter often have to struggle to obtain their rights of which many are unaware of. They lack knowledge of the language which accentuates the problems. Dr Tacchi is not disruptive, but knows how to move around within the system and achieve the best for patients who cannot fend for themselves. Dr. Tacchi’s aim has been to fight against injustices, to make sure that no individual person is denied medical care or referrals. She has been told that she is “brutally honest” but is proud of this.

There is no better person to be on your side when you have a healthcare dilemma. Maria knows the medical systems well and often better acquainted with the laws than others of the profession. Maria speaks various languages, and her main duty is to ensure that her patients obtain their rights as regards healthcare.

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