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Digital Nomad Visa Spain

Benefit from the Spain info Card for your Digital Nomad Visa Spain.

The Digital Nomad Visa Spain, a simple way to reside in Spain and work as self employed or employee for companies outside of Spain.


FAQS from the government department:

What is an international teleworker? “Digital Nomad visa Spain”.

A worker authorised to remain in Spain to carry work remotely and carryout professional activity for companies located outside the national territory, through the exclusive use of computer, telematic and telecommunication media and systems.

Who can obtain an authorisation as an international teleworker?

A national of a third state, of legal age. (Does not apply to citizens of the European Union or to those to whom European Union law applies)

Can a freelancer be considered an international teleworker?

Yes, as long as he proves a professional relationship with the foreign company for which he works for a minimum of three months and that company authorises the transfer to Spain.

What other requirements are necessary?

Not be illegally in Spain.

Have no criminal record in Spain and in the country/ies where they have resided for the five years prior to the application

Have public insurance or private health insurance arranged with an insurance entity authorised to operate in Spain.

Have sufficient financial resources for themselves and their family members during their period of residence in Spain.

Can they do other jobs in Spain?

Always from the premise that your work can only be carried out exclusively through computer, telematic and telecommunication media and systems, there are two assumptions:

Employment relationship:

1. In Spain you can only work for the company located outside the national territory for which you perform the teleworking service.

2. You can work for a company located in Spain, as long as you maintain the professional relationship with the company with which you are requesting the authorisation. The percentage of said work with the Spanish company/s is a professional relationship (never employment). and does not exceed 20% of their total professional activity

What absences outside the national territory can a teleworker accumulate?

They can be absent a maximum of six months per calendar year to continue maintaining the requirements of rights under which the visa was obtained.

Can family members obtain an authorisation/visa?

If, the spouse or person with a similar affective relationship, minor or older children who, economically dependent on the holder have not constituted a family unit by themselves and dependent ascendants, who meet or accompany foreigners can request, jointly and simultaneously or successively, the authorisation and where appropriate, the visa.

Should minimum financial resources be accredited?

Yes, the residence permits authorise you to reside and work (both self-employed and employed).

Can family members work in Spain?

Yes, applicants for visas or international telework residence authorisations must prove that they have financial resources for themselves and their family members.

Digital Nomad Visa Spain also described as an international teleworker.

The tax system is rated low to attract applicants. Further information can be obtained from the tax consultants who liase with the Spain info Card.

assistance, guidance and lawyers from the Spain info Card


Spain info Card holder receives her Digital Nomad Visa in ten days. Article in the Place in the Sun Magazine.

Please note: The information provided is based upon our understanding of current legislation. It is not legal advice but is provided freely to enable you to be properly informed. We recommend that if you are considering taking action, you should seek professional advice.

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