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Citizens Advice Bureau is registered as a Spanish Non-Profit/NPO/ONG organisation.
Registration nº 11253. CIF G93354348.

Should you wish to assist us by donating €20, your question option is now available by using our donate button. Follow up by sending your question to info@citizensadvice.org.es adding ‘donating member’ as subject. For those who do not wish to nor cannot donate can either use the email address or Facebook group.

Call hours: Tuesday to Thursday 11am till 3pm

+34 711 044 048

As always this is a free service but we do ask for your utmost patience.  For emergencies you should contact your embassy or consulate.

For anyone that would like to use a consultant  for a one-to-one rapid response, should consider owning the Spain info Card. Click box below. You can also be directed to a lawyer with expertise in your required field that you may instruct.
For a one to one with a paralegal, consider owning the Spain info Card

If you need to instruct a lawyer with expertise in the field you seek or wish to speak with a paralegal, consider the security of owning a Lawyer Smart Card.


For Emergencies, contact your Embassy or Consulate.

For Emergencies : Please contact the British Embassy or Consulates.