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Air Transport Questions And Answers

Will I be able to continue flying between the United Kingdom and Spain after 1 January 2021? I already have the tickets. Will I have any problems using them? As of 1 January 2021, it will be possible to continue flying between the United Kingdom

False Summer Rentals Clues

Reasons for suspicion: Very cheap prices compared to the average for the area. attractive description. Attractive photos: These may have been stolen from other listings, interior decorating pages, or photo buying platforms. The advertiser claims

List Of Vehicle Scrap Yards Dgt

List of vehicle scrap yards DGT.   Find a DGT recognised scrap yard in your area by using the interactive map found on the link below: DGT will ask for your location, if you allow access, scrap yards in your area will be shown.   Vehi

New Renfe Free Passes

Translated from the Moncloa press release. New free Renfe passes: New free Cercanías, Rodalies and Media Distancia season tickets: ✔️Starting today, the new free titles come into effect ✔️You can buy them at the information and processi

Validity Of The Uk Blue Badge In Spain

Please read the information on the post below and print off the Spanish instructions if visiting Spain with a Blue Badge. Blue Badge Validity

Digital Nomad Visa Spain

The Digital Nomad Visa Spain, a simple way to reside in Spain and work as self employed or employee for companies outside of Spain.   FAQS from the government department: What is an international teleworker? “Digital Nomad visa Spain”.

Spain Information Best Available By Owning The Spain Info Card

There is no doubt that this is an unbeatable way to obtain the information you require,  when you need it, with ‘the Spain info Card. Are you the type of person who insists on Independent, impartial and accurate information and advice? Then,

Gibraltar Airport Tunnel Opens On 31st March 2023 At 00:01

The Tunnel will open to all vehicular traffic on 31st March 2023 at 00:01. From this date, it will be the only regular access point for all cars and motorcycles (including commercial vehicles) to the frontier, Gibraltar International Airport, Er

Have You Heard About The Spain Info Card?

Spain info Is the pathway to all you need to know about living in Spain. Be prepared for all eventualities, own the Spain info Card. Your own private consultant. Never before has obtaining correct information been so simple. Professionalism Are

Overstaying 90 Days For Exceptional Circumstances.

  In the cases of entry without a visa, when there are humanitarian, family, health care, public interest, or other exceptional circumstances that justify it, the stay of a foreigner in Spanish territory for more than three months may be au