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View the CAB Spain video collection

Driving Licences And The Demands Made On Expats In Spain

The protocol mentioned was first published by the DGT in December 29 2014.

A Glimmer Of Hope For People With A Residencia Permit And No Healthcare

A video by Maria explaining in detail the two lawsuits that give hope for EVERY person with a residence permit, no matter the date. https://www.citizensadvice.org.es/wp-content/uploads/lawsuit.mp4   Glimmer of Hope Video

Obtaining Healthcare And Thriving In The Spanish Nhs

I would like to present my video part one. Based on the topics below: How to Obtain Healthcare: Update: Maria no longer is in Spain or has her website.

Getting Into The Spanish Healthcare Service: First Video

View my first video about getting into the Spanish NHS: a how-to Guide Getting into the Spanish NHS

Myra's Interview With Global Fm

Our founder, Myra Azzopardi Swainson, being interviewed on Global FM. At the time Myra was running the ‘Costa Advice Bureau’.

Videos From Our Second Seminar In Manilva

At our last seminar, in Manilva,  Craig Ruddock shot this video footage so that those unable to attend could still share the expert advice. We’ve even broken it into 6 ‘bite sized’ chunks for you! Part1 https://youtu.be/98k6MO

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