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Have You Made A Spanish Will?

Have you made a Spanish will?  Full article found on this website and also available on the Spain info website (www.spaininfo.eu) for those who wish to make a Spanish will. Have you made a Spanish will?

Air Transport Questions And Answers

Will I be able to continue flying between the United Kingdom and Spain after 1 January 2021? I already have the tickets. Will I have any problems using them? As of 1 January 2021, it will be possible to continue flying between the United Kingdom

Information On Brexit For British Tourists Spain Info

Information from Spain info which includes a link to the Spanish tourist board: Information on Brexit for British Tourists Spain info

Fair Minimum Wages: Action For Decent Living Conditions In The Eu

    Note*The highest minimum wages are found in Luxembourg, Ireland and Germany; the lowest in Bulgaria, Latvia and Estonia. In the EU, 21 out of 27 countries have a statutory minimum wage, while in the other six (Austria, Cyprus, Denm

Why Cab Uses, Lobster Mobile Services

Making savings for everyone including businesses. A note from Myra: “As you can imagine, we receive hundreds of calls of which some need a return call. We are a charity and do not receive donations from any government body. We are reliant o

Gibraltar Government Will Take Reciprocal Action At The Border

Extract from the Gibraltar Government press release. The Spanish border authorities, without prior warning, initiated a new passport control regime at the frontier yesterday. The new practice entails the scanning of a significant number of pas

Banks Are Obliged To Offer Free Banking To Vulnerable People

Did you know that banks are obliged to offer free accounts to vulnerable people? The situation of vulnerability of thousands of people is aggravated by not having a bank account and being exposed to financial exclusion. Among the direct conseque

The Power Of Giving: Supporting Nonprofits That Empower Citizens Through Donations

In a world characterised by constant change and complex challenges, nonprofit organisations play a crucial role in providing valuable guidance, support, and advice to citizens. These nonprofits often focus on empowering individuals, communities,

Power Of People: Unveiling The Results Of Public Lobbying

In democratic societies, the art of lobbying has long been associated with corporate interests and professional advocacy groups. However, a remarkable shift has occurred in recent years, where the general public has risen to the forefront of lob

Nonprofit Organisations (npos) Citizens Advice

  Nonprofit organisations (NPOs) play a pivotal role in addressing societal challenges, driving social impact, and creating positive change. Unlike traditional for-profit businesses, NPOs are mission-driven entities that dedicate their effo