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Irph Mortgage Holders Waiting For Ruling From The European Court Of Justice

The IRPH Spanish banks mortgage rate interest is a Euribor alternative, used for pricing floating mortgage interest. Considering that this system did not allow mortgage holders to benefit from lower interest rates, the IRPH was discarded in 2013

Anti Tax Avoidance Package Eu

An anti tax avoidance directive The directive establishes a number of legally binding measures against aggressive tax planning. In particular, it aims to address situations where corporate groups take advantage of disparities between national ta

Sorry Tax Man, I´m At The Beach!!

Those who have subscribed to electronic notifications (DEH), but won’t have access to the internet during their holidays, or just don´t want to receive any electronic notifications then, can inform the Tax Office and ‘suspend’

Article 10 Article 20 Residency Cards Issued To Spouses Of Eu Citizens?

The Article 10 and Article 20 residency card is a card issued under EU law to the non-EU spouses of EU citizens who are exercising their right of freedom of movement in a EEA/EU state that is not as State of their nationality. The cards  (TIE,

Plan Remot Limiting Sending Ambulances To Campo

The Plan Remot entails that when emergency medical help is needed in rural areas, instead of an ambulance, a pair of medical professionals from the nearest public health centre will attend, with an elaborate first aid and diagnostic kit, to asse

Joint Custody Of Dog In Divorce Settlement

Pet animals may be subject to joint custody in cases of separation of the couple and in cases of divorce. This is established by the recent decision of the Court of First Instance number 9 of Valladolid dated May 27, 2019 on the custody of the d

Electricity Coops, An Alternative To The Main Moguls

As we all know, providing electricity to private households and companies is big business. But you are free to choose your supplier throughout Spain and there are alternatives, like ´green´ electricity cooperatives. A cooperative has members a

Third Country Nationals In Spain – Stay/visit Or Residency

Information for UK nationals in the event that the UK leaves the EU. And for all others from ‘third countries’, to prepare for a visit or emigration. In a no-deal scenario, what is my situation if I arrive in Spain after the withdraw

Daylight Savings Time Abolished Per 2021?

The European Parliament has voted on a proposal by the European Comission on the 26th of this month. When also approved by the Council of the European Union, it will have to be implemented by all EU member states. On 12 September 2018, the Europ

No Deal Brexit And Concern About The S1 And Ehic

CAB Spain have been avoiding publishing the UK governments numerous communications received daily on a no deal scenario. There have been some cases when we have felt it would be responsible to publish. In this case and in relation to a communic

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