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Divorced With Children Lose The Right To The Family Home If Living With New Partner

The Supreme Court prohibits the use of the family home to those divorced with children if they introduce a new partner into the family home. This could put an end to an unfair situation where a new partner benefits from the use of the family h

Dwp Tackling Uk Benefit Fraud In Spain

CAB Spain are publishing this information as there may be UK nationals residing in Spain who may not be aware that some benefits are not exportable. Excerpt below from the British Embassy Spain published November 25 2018. Department for Work an

Brexit No Deal? Advisory Procedure On Residency And Driving Licence

The British government are sending out hundreds of emails for the various sections on a no deal scenario. This in reference to Residency and Driving Licences. Though we echo what the UK government are saying about the intention of reaching an a

New Law Proposed To Safeguard Uk Citizens’ Healthcare Abroad After Brexit

The Healthcare (International Arrangements) Bill has been introduced to give the government legal powers to fund and implement healthcare deals after Brexit. Published 26 October 2018 From: Department of Health and Social Care. The Bill seeks to

Bank Holiday Dates Gibraltar 2019

Below is a list of bank holiday for Gibraltar 2019

Uk Government Funding Petition For Cab Spain

Help us to Help you. Funding could mean offices or legal clinics, the option to come to your area and offer guidance and assistance. Please ask all adults in your home to sign and share. Funding Petition

Cab Adviser And Paralegal To Attend Paralegal Conference Uk

Myra one of the CAB advisers and qualified paralegal will be attending the Institute of Paralegals Conference on October 12 2018. Myra will also be attending various courses during the day to amplify her already vast area of experience. Paralega

New Law ´desahucio Expres´ To Remove Squatters Quickly

Published in the State Bulletin on the 12th of June, in force as of the 2nd of July 2018, a new law, an amendment of the Civil Justice Code, to have squatters removed quickly. Especially targeted at certain individuals or organisations, occupyin

The Convenio Especial (healthcare Scheme) Abolished

The answer is that in Andalucia the answer is yes. The other autonomous communities are expected to follow. The answer from the department from health of Andalucia to a request and suggestion sent to them by senior adviser Richelle. “Indeed,

For Updates On Universal Healthcare And The State Cancellation Of The Convenio Especial

This is a public page on our site. Do not post private information that you do not want in the public domain. Use the Ask for Advice section or ask for email contact. Persons who could be entitled to healthcare from the public funds under the NH

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