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News Articles from Citizens Advice Bureau Spain

Trafico Fines Based On Drone Data – Are They Legal?

The Automovilistas Europeos Asociados (AEA) / European Drivers Association questions the legality of drone fines for lack of legal guarantees and warns that they are appealable. On the occasion of the second special summer traffic operation in w

Irph Mortgage Holders Waiting For Ruling From The European Court Of Justice

The IRPH Spanish banks mortgage rate interest is a Euribor alternative, used for pricing floating mortgage interest. Considering that this system did not allow mortgage holders to benefit from lower interest rates, the IRPH was discarded in 2013

Anti Tax Avoidance Package Eu

An anti tax avoidance directive The directive establishes a number of legally binding measures against aggressive tax planning. In particular, it aims to address situations where corporate groups take advantage of disparities between national ta

Sorry Tax Man, I´m At The Beach!!

Those who have subscribed to electronic notifications (DEH), but won’t have access to the internet during their holidays, or just don´t want to receive any electronic notifications then, can inform the Tax Office and ‘suspend’

Article 10 Article 20 Residency Cards Issued To Spouses Of Eu Citizens?

The Article 10 and Article 20 residency card is a card issued under EU law to the non-EU spouses of EU citizens who are exercising their right of freedom of movement in a EEA/EU state that is not as State of their nationality. The cards  (TIE,

Cab Adviser Will Be Chatting On Tre About Pensioners And Healthcare

Onz Friday July 19 at 11.3pam, Myra will be chatting with Giles Brown of talk radio Europe about pensioners and healthcare.  For your frequency, listen live, call or email the Studios, all the details in the link below.   home

Convenio Especial Availability In Andalucia – A Step Forward Or Backwards?

The British Consulate claims that the Convenio Especial (paying into Spanish NHS, no exclusions) has been reinstated in Andalucia thanks to their lobbying and has been jubilant about this ‘success’ in the online media. But is it actu

What Type Of Lawyer Are You Instructing And Denuncia Procedures

Friday morning at 11.30am. Details for your frequency, how to listen online, email, call or WhatsApp the studio, all details can be found on the link below. home

The New Mortgage Law June 16 2019 Comes Into Force Today

Amongst other stipulations which will be added to this post, the new mortgage law is in force from today June 17. The law obliges the Notary and the bank to explain the content of the mortgage contract days before the signature. On another hand,

Cab Adviser Talks On Padron Related Topics On Talk Radio Europe

On Friday morning June 7 at 11.30am. All about the padron (census). For the frequency in your area, how to listen online, call, WhatsApp or email the studio. *Residency and residencia (Spanish Translation) can be used for EU citizens. The wordin

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