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Latest news from Citizens Advice Bureau Spain

Gibraltar Government Will Take Reciprocal Action At The Border

Extract from the Gibraltar Government press release. The Spanish border authorities, without prior warning, initiated a new passport control regime at the frontier yesterday. The new practice entails the scanning of a significant number of pas

End Of Mandatory Masks And When And Where Recommended

Translation from the information from the Spanish Government   The Council of Ministers on July 4 approved the agreement declaring the end of the health crisis caused by COVID-19. With the publication in the BOE of this agreement, the oblig

Supreme Tribunal Declares As Null The Article That Extinguishes Right Of Residency

CAB explains that “The court makes it clear that is not for it to put itself in the situation of the legislator and determine if a limitation of this type is appropriate but states that in any case, elimination of the right of residence s

Considerations For Buying A Property In Spain

  As you consider purchasing a property in Spain, it is important to be mindful of the expenses that go beyond the asking price and regular maintenance fees. Understanding the tax implications of owning a property can save you from unexpec

Cab Spain Suggests That Lost/stolen U.k. Licences Should Be Exchanged

CAB Spain Suggests that Lost/Stolen U.K. Driving Licences Should Be Exchanged. The DGT need a physical licence. The DGT have been advised to and are accepting licenses renewed in the UK before the date that the agreement came into force whilst r

Spain Information Best Available By Owning The Spain Info Card

There is no doubt that this is an unbeatable way to obtain the information you require,  when you need it, with ‘the Spain info Card. Are you the type of person who insists on Independent, impartial and accurate information and advice? Then,

Gibraltar Airport Tunnel Opens On 31st March 2023 At 00:01

The Tunnel will open to all vehicular traffic on 31st March 2023 at 00:01. From this date, it will be the only regular access point for all cars and motorcycles (including commercial vehicles) to the frontier, Gibraltar International Airport, Er

Blevins Franks Dispelling The Myth That Andalucia Is A High Tax Region

Blevins Franks is holding seminars across Southern Spain this March where they’ll be covering the following topics:  Dispelling the myth that Andalucía is a high tax region. What do the recent income, succession and wealth tax reductions m

Have You Heard About The Spain Info Card?

Spain info Is the pathway to all you need to know about living in Spain. Be prepared for all eventualities, own the Spain info Card. Your own private consultant. Never before has obtaining correct information been so simple. Professionalism Are

New Measures To Protect The Citizen Against The Rise In Prices

The Government has approved new measures to continue protecting vulnerable groups from the increase in the price of food and basic necessities. ✔️Measures to advance, protect and fairly distribute the burdens of the crisis. Given the persist