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Juan Espejo Blog

So sad to advise our members that we lost a dear friend and professional lawyer Juan Espejo due to a heart attack. We will miss you as a friend and colleague.

Monte San Juan De Los Terreros In Liquidation

This promotion went bust in 2011 leaving thousands of purchasers out of pocket. Thousands of investors, some of whom paid up to 150,000 euros for one of the off-plan properties, are not aware that they can recoup the money paid for the homes tha

Lowcost Travel Group Files Bankruptcy

Legal advice to companies and individuals affected by the bankruptcy of Low Cost Holidays The ParcBit-based British tour operator Low Cost Travel Group (LCTG) has filed for bankruptcy procedures, leaving behind debts that amount to over 50 milli

Recover Your Investment

The courts protect the consumer on the maturity of many complex financial products that they have contracted with the banks. Structured deposits offer tempting opportunities can be reduced to zero profitability or loss of investment. Many consu

British Couple Refunded 58,000 Plus Interest Paid For Aifos Off-plan Property Never Received.

Banco Popular has been ordered by a court in Malaga to pay a British couple the sum of 58,000 euros plus interest. The couple had signed for an apartment at Hacienda Casares from the promoters Aifos in 2004. The cost of the apartment was 167,936

Supreme Court Rules In Favour Of Off-plan Buyers

The Supreme Court has found in favour of several purchasers who were attracted by the purchase of off-plan properties. One of those affected, a couple from the south of England bought into a residential complex in Alicante. The complex was to in

Last Will And Testament For Spanish Assets

As many of you will know the new regulations on Wills and Succession came into force in the middle of August whilst most of us were on the beach, on holiday or hiding in the shade. The new rules mean that when a person dies the law of the countr

Lost Your Investment In Spanish Property Ventures? Recover Your Deposit, ‘no Fee Upfront’ Claim

When the Spanish property boom of the early 2000s gave way to an equally big implosion in 2008, a vast number housing developments simply stopped mid build or in some cases before a brick had been laid. As the dust settled it became abundantly c

Investors, Were You Mis-sold A Bank Investment Product?

The Spanish Supreme Court has obliged a bank to refund the sum of 279,000 euros to a client who was sold bonds in a Lehman Brothers product without telling the investor of the risks associated with the investment. The judge also overturns the ju

Remove The Clausula Suelo From Your Mortgage Reduce Monthly Payments

Opportunity to remove the abusive clausula Suelo from your mortgage contracts immediately lowering your monthly payments. This clause has been written into mortgage clauses by most banks. Lawyers with expertise in the field of bank products said

Off-plan Property Purchasers, Time To Recover Your Money!

NEW AIFOS PURCHASERS OPTIONS TO RECOVER THEIR MONEY FROM THE BANKS “Better late than never”, says a very famous Spanish refrain with Words of Wisdom. Effectively and slowly but surely, the Spanish Court´s judicial system is finally providin