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Conveyancing Spain

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About Conveyancing Spain

Why you should contact us at Conveyancing Spain?

Most vendors and purchasers are not aware of the legal commitments they make the moment they use the services of a real estate. It is important to have your conveyancing lawyer in place from the time you decide to sell or purchase a property.

We offer a unique platinum service by responding to your demands and needs. Assuring you of peace of mind at affordable prices. All potential clients will be guaranteed a special service and also be reassured in the knowledge that all the conveyancing Spain team lawyers have an indemnity insurance. Those in the market to purchase or sell, should not move forward without consulting us first. There are no obligations.

The Conveyancing Spain specialist lawyers are fully trained and have expertise in the field of conveyancing, planning, and all aspects of property law in Spain. Dedicated to their profession, they will provide you with a personal and top class service. They are also available to assist in all aspects of your temporary or permanent stay in Spain.

We are available to facilitate both property sales and purchases by the provision of our professional Service. We recognise that purchasing or selling a home abroad can be fraught with stresses and pitfalls. We are here to make sure that you enjoy every moment of what is your very special transaction.

In whichever region of Spain and the Islands you are looking to purchase or sell in, you will find one of our team of conveyancing lawyers who are dedicated to helping you every step of the way.

Our lawyers will also provide an after sales service that will include the transfer of the utilities, town hall rates.

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If you need to speak to an accountant about this or any other matter, consider owning the Spain info Card.


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