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Christopher’s Blog

Blog from Christopher Pickering, financial advisor.

Modelo 720, Residency & Common Reporting Standards

In 2011 the ‘Tax Justice Network’ put together a briefing paper on the cost of tax evasion worldwide. The research conducted when putting together this paper found that Spain was ranked in the top 10 countries worldwide for uncollected tax r

Brexit & Investment Returns

As we continue to ebb ever closer to the Brexit divorce date the overwhelming sentiment regarding any potential outcome continues to be uncertainty. This holds true both within the expatriate community but also within the financial markets. Not

The Problem Persists- Private Pension Payments Post Brexit

On the 9th of October last year I posted an article about the potential legal issues faced by UK pension and insurance firms post Brexit in regard to their ability to carry on servicing their clients based in the EU. One such issue was specifica

Considered Transferring To Qrops? What Effect Will Brexit Have?

In the Spring Budget of 2017 new legislation was introduced to effectively lower the appeal of transferring a UK sited pension scheme into a QROPS. A brief recap of the key point of that legislation is that a transfer to a QROPS would incur a 25

Safe Investing?

The Citizens Advice Bureau is often approached by individuals that have had negative experiences when it comes to investing for various reasons. Many come with complaints that their investment seems to be riskier than they expected or that the r

Concerned About Your Final Salary Pension?

Once again the headlines are filled with the news of another final salary pension scheme folding and being taken over by the pension protection fund (PPF). Approximately 28,000 members of Carillion’s 13 UK pension schemes will now see their be

Private Pensions Post Brexit

Nicky Morgan, the chair of the Treasury Committee has issued a warning to Chancellor Philip Hammond in a letter she wrote to him regarding Britain’s exit negotiations with the EU. The Treasury Committee is an influential Parliamentary committe

Brexit & Qrops – Your Time To Review Could Be Running Out!

Author Christopher Pickering. On the 6th of April 2006 a single pension tax regime was introduced in the UK which replaced the previous eight regimes. This specific day is now known as A-Day and the new regime which is still in place today is kn

Good News For Tax Residents Of Andalucia

Author: Christopher Pickering. New inheritance tax (IHT) rules, which have been implemented in the region of Andalucia in January of 2017, now mean that many people will no longer face a potentially hefty tax bill. The new rules apply specifical

Qrops And The Spring Budget

UK Chancellor Philip Hammond’s’ Spring Budget which was announced earlier in the month included much with regards to current QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) legislation. According to the Financial Times the new prop

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