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Have You Made A Spanish Will?

Have you made a Spanish will?  Full article found on this website and also available on the Spain info website (www.spaininfo.eu) for those who wish to make a Spanish will. Have you made a Spanish will?

Visiting Spain? Interactive Map Places Of Interest

  Full information from the Spain info blog. Spain info

Banks Are Obliged To Offer Free Banking To Vulnerable People

Did you know that banks are obliged to offer free accounts to vulnerable people? The situation of vulnerability of thousands of people is aggravated by not having a bank account and being exposed to financial exclusion. Among the direct conseque

Relocating /living In Spain. Benefits Of Using Spain Info

Full information from our corporate partners, Spain info. Your Spain info Card

Relocating To Spain. How To Seek Assistance From C.a.b Spain

Relocating to Spain: How to Seek Assistance from Citizens Advice Bureau Introduction: Moving to a new country can be an exciting adventure, but it also comes with various challenges and uncertainties. For those considering relocating to Spain, s

Babies Born In Spain Or Child Of Resident Right To Residency.

This is not the procedure for citizens of the EU nor for families protected under the Withdrawal Agreement. RESIDENCE OF CHILD OF RESIDENT Of the child born in Spain Of the child not born  child in Spain RESIDENCE OF THE CHILD BORN IN SPAIN Chi

False Summer Rentals Clues

Reasons for suspicion: Very cheap prices compared to the average for the area. attractive description. Attractive photos: These may have been stolen from other listings, interior decorating pages, or photo buying platforms. The advertiser claims

Residency Rights Of A Child Born In Spain

RESIDENCE OF THE CHILD BORN IN SPAIN Children born in Spain to a foreigner who is legally residing in Spain and the Union citizen regime does not apply to them, will automatically acquire the same residence authorization that either of their par

All Applications And Benefit Procedures Social Security

How to contact the INSS and all procedures:     -Smartphone or tablet via the App.  App -Telephone: 901 106 570 / 91541 25 30. for general information: 901 166 565 / 91 542 11 76 Telephone numbers above, be prepared to go on a merry-g

Digital Nomad Visa Spain

The Digital Nomad Visa Spain, a simple way to reside in Spain and work as self employed or employee for companies outside of Spain.   FAQS from the government department: What is an international teleworker? “Digital Nomad visa Spain”.