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CAB Spain Team Blogs

Blogs from the Citizens Advice Bureau Spain Team

Uk/eu Tca Includes Preliminary Agreement On Sharing Information/databases

This information is drafted in my personal blog. I am in no way suggesting that the information provided herein is the reason as to why the United Kingdom and Spain have not as yet finalised the agreement made on the exchange of the UK driving l

History Of The Citizens Advice Bureau England And Wales

History of the Citizens Advice Citizens Advice West Suffolk was formed on the 1st April 2019 when Newmarket joined Citizens Advice Suffolk West to become a 5th local office. The offices are located in Bury St Edmunds, Haverhill, Brandon, Mildenh

Cab Senior Adviser Has Achieved Her Aim. Precedent Set In Court For Mis-sold Life Insurance On Mortgages

Eight years earlier (2014) I managed to recoup what I considered to be mis-sold life insurance policies associated with mortgages. The clients had been told that a life insurance policy was a requirement for the bank providing a mortgage loan.

The Real Facts About Permanent Residency

Members often ask about their rights for an update from the green certificate to a TIE which states permanent. This right to permanent residency described in this article, also applies to EU citizens. “The fundamental and personal right o

Carta De Invitación And Why We Should Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I am taking time out to draft this blog in response to the many enquires we are receiving due to the various posts on the (Carta de Invitación) “circulating like wildfire” on many Expat pages and groups and with same businesses perp

Why Uk And Spain Could Reach An Agreement On Driving Licence Exchanges

Reasons to believe that a UK driving licence meets all the requirements under the EU directive to be valid in the EU therefore there could easily be an agreement between Spain and the UK for exchanging these permits. The information below is tak

Cab Spain Christmas Holiday Dates, Residency Concerns And More

The team will be taking time off during the holidays from December 23 until January 4. Thank you all for your patience in what has been a very difficult year. We hope we have been able to assist you with the provision of the information added to

Changes To Sustain The Advice, Assistance And Information Provided For You.

The members on the CAB Facebook group has reached a staggering 67k plus and growing daily. The group has been moderated and posts have been approved by an admin usually with the relative answer or with admins searching for the members on the CAB

Brussels. The Impact Of Covid-19 Measures On Democracy, The Rule Of Law And Fundamental Rights

The European Parliament has published a completed  Resolution on the impact of COVID-19 measures on democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights. The topic subject is based on Medicine, Deceases and the Fundamental, human right on democra

Citizens Advice Challenges The Spanish Instructions For The Application Of Residency For Uk Nationals

Possession of a residence document is not a prerequisite for lawful residence in accordance with Union law because under Union law the right of residence is conferred directly on EU citizens by the Treaty and is not dependent upon their having f