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Exchange Driving Licences For Spanish Permit Simple Steps

For exchanging driving licences from the EU/EEA countries and other countries with bilateral agreements. Also in anticipation of an agreement for the U.K. licence, This is not a post advising that U.K. licences can be exchanged at present but ad

Some Residents Will Not Be Able To Drive On Their U.k. Licence From May 1

From the U.K. government website: “Driving in Spain You cannot renew or replace your UK, Gibraltar, Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of Man licence if you live in Spain. From 1 May 2022, if you have been resident for more than 6 months and have not ex

Voting In The Municipal Elections

Update for U.K. Nationals to vote in the May 2023 elections UPDATE ON THE VOTING RIGHTS FOR UKNS. Besides the information provided by the Embassy below, please note the added information with examples of forms to register and instructions HERE

Registering For Residence Updated Guide

Thank you to the information provided by the British Embassy: Residence registration: – The Spanish authorities have recently updated the the version of their guide on residence registration While most of the changes are small twe

Ukns Validity Of The Green Registration Certificates And Employment Offices

Update February 23, 2022.   Thank you to the British Embassy who have been working on our behalf with the Spanish administration offices to prove the validity of the green registration certificates for UK Nationals.  This was brought up by

Gibraltar Commercial Vehicles Operating In Spain Will Need A Permit Or Employment Contract

CAB Spain note*. Unfortunately Gibraltar is not included in the agreement on road haulage, Interbus or the ECMT permit under the Withdrawal Agreement. We hope an agreement to suit both Gibraltar and Spain will be reached as soon as possible. The

Validity Of Green Registration Certificate Letter To Entities

For those wishing to update the green certificates for a TIE, updating to a TIE simple steps We are aware that many residents are not able to find appointment availability. Do try the Extranjería APP . The letters below have been drafted in Sp

Temporary Business Travel Includes Musicians

Update October 12 2022 Full information published in the briefing paper of the House of Commons on November 17, 2021. BREXIT The UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement: Temporary business travel. This briefing explains what has changed for UK and

Checks On Third Country Nationals When Entering The Schengen Area

The main objective of the Schengen cooperation is the creation of an area without internal border controls. It requires efficient controls at external borders as well as the application of relevant flanking measures in areas such as police and j

Healthcare For Visitors To The Uk From The Eu

Updated to reflect the UK-Switzerland Convention on Social Security Coordination coming into effect. From 1 November 2021, eligible visitors to the UK from Switzerland can use a valid EHIC to access state-provided, necessary healthcare in the UK