The Procedure For The Tie (foreigners Id Card) Application

Nationals of the United Kingdom, the members of their families and any other persons residing in Spain in accordance with the conditions established in the Withdrawal Agreement, will not be obliged to apply for a new resident status nor, therefo

Residency Rights Of Uk National & Family Members Residing In Spain Before December 31/2020

The information below is a translation taken from the text of the Spanish governments website. Sections marked with an asterisk are CAB comments. The Withdrawal Agreement provides that your rights of residence, work, studies and Social Security

Eu-uk Statement Following The High Level Meeting On 15 June

Press release. UK government states that it will not ask for an extension period of the transition period which now ends on December 31. Full Information

Mp. M. Gove Letter To Scottish/welsh Governments-uk/eu Negotiations

From the joint committee responsible for the negotiations between UK/EU Future Relationship. The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster has written to representatives from the Scottish and Welsh Governments. Letter_from_CDL

Brexit & State Pensions Full Information

The information is contained in the booklet below published by the UK House of Commons. Brexit & State Pensions

Uk Government Accelerates Border Planning For End Of Transition Period

“Today’s meeting of the Withdrawal Agreement Joint Committee (WAJC) was the last meeting before the deadline to extend the Transition Period (before 1 July 2020), and therefore the last formal opportunity to discuss and agree such an extensi

Second Meeting Of The Eu/uk Joint Committee

Press statement by Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič following the second meeting: Press_statement_by_Vice-President_Maro___ef_ovi__following_the_second_meeting_of_the_EU-UK_Joint_Committee Statement from the UK government

Latest Eu Position On The Future Relationship Negotiations Speech By Michel Barnier

The speech below by Michel Barnier was published today, (scroll down for the English version). When the UK government ministers either Michael Gove or David Frost post the position of the UK, we will add it here. Speech_by_Michel_Barnier_at_the

Fourth Round On The Future Relationship Negotiations Uk/eu

Press Release from Michelle Barnier today June 5 on his summary on how the meeting progressed. Statement_by_Michel_Barnier_following_Round_4_of_negotiations_for_a_new_partnership_between_the_European_Union_and_the_United_Kingdom round 4 Once we

Agenda Eu/uk Future Relationship Negotiations: 02 – 05 June 2020

The agenda for the fourth round of the negotiations for the future relationship EU/UK. Full information will be added when any agreements are made public. 20200528_-_round_4_agenda_final
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