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CAB Spain Volunteers Return From Glasgow “A Place in the Sun”.

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Author: Myra Cecilia Azzopardi
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This was our first appearance at the acclaimed “Place in the Sun” Property Exhibition in Glasgow on the 28 and 29 of October.  Two volunteers attended to host the stand, Myra Cecilia Azzopardi and Julia Lopez.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank and welcome Julia Lopez to the team at CAB Spain.  Julia has for many years worked, as a consultant for Spanish law firms and with her impeccable English and an uncanny understanding of how we tick, will be an invaluable addition to the team.

Over the two-day period we consulted with around 65 couples and families.  All those who approached our stand had in the recently visited various towns and regions in Spain, done their homework and were quite convinced about the areas they wished to purchase or settle in. The main concerns were how to purchase their homes problem free and avoid any legal problems.  Many were very relieved by the responses we were able to provide as they had been listening to Chinese whispers or those known to all expatriates as bar stool lawyers.

We were busy from the time the show opened until closing. It was encouraging to see how many prospective purchasers were interested in our advice and guidance. There were many occasions when we had quite large queues but we were ably to chat with everyone who approached our stand. I was also on the panel of “buying a property in Spain-the facts” on the Saturday and Sunday.  Where with a real estate agent and a lawyer we provided information and hints.

Amongst the many questions we were asked (some arrived with lists after noting in the Place in the Sun magazine that we would be present), was  about  the availability of healthcare presently and post Brexit. These concerns manifested by those reaching retirement age.  Amongst this group there were also early retirees with whom we were able to discuss healthcare options such as private healthcare or by paying into the NHS system the ‘convenio especial”.  There were also questions about bilateral agreements on pensions with Spain. Young couples also approached us with various questions regarding their  interest in purchasing a holiday home with the intention of residing and working in Spain.

The show was well organised and we had wonderful support from the “A Place in the Sun” team.  The hospitality of the Glaswegians both at the show and in Glasgow itself was second to none.

Conclusions:  Many questions the visitors posed to us often reflected the topics we cover with our members both residents and property owners in Spain. The difference was that the answers and guidance we provided would assist those planning a life in Spain were informed whilst they were still in the planning and preparation process of either making a direct move to reside in Spain or to purchase a holiday home. We hope that they will keep in contact with us for any further assistance or information we can provide.

Note* We have been offered a free stand for the next exhibition taking place in Manchester. We will be covering all other expenses. These appearances are valuable for the exposure CAB Spain receives and of course for those attending with the intent to purchase in Spain.  We again ask for donations. We continue with  our activities, due to your generosity.   Please do mark “Place in the Sun Manchester” on your donations.

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