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Citizens Advice Spain is a legally registered charity in Spain and relies on donations from its members and the public. Due to the changes described below, we are now taking up a Corporate Sponsorship option. We are choosy as to who can sponsor us. This is not a free for all advertising.

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Should you wish to assist us by donating €20, your question option is now available by using our donate button. Follow up by sending your question to info@citizensadvice.org.es adding ‘donating member’ as subject. For those who do not wish to nor cannot donate can either use the email address or Facebook group. 

Call hours: Tuesday to Thursday 11am till 3pm.

+34 711 044 084

As always this is a free service but we do ask for your utmost patience.  For emergencies you should contact your embassy or consulate.


The Benefits of Using a Consultant via Spain Info for Relocating or Living in Spain. Further information here

would you prefer your own private consultant for a one-to-one rapid response, consider owning the Spain info Card. Click box below. You can also be directed to a lawyer with expertise in your required field that you may instruct.

You may need a lawyer/s who speak your language and with expertise in the field you require either now or in the future.  Click box below.

The Lawyer Smart Card Ltd is a corporate partner of the Citizens Advice Spain.

Spain info is a product of the Lawyer Smart Card Ltd.


Speak with us about lawyers services. Use one of the personal cards above to be directed to lawyers with expertise in the field you need.
Includes consultancy and mediation from a Paralegal .

Residency Applications:

EU & non EU citizens.

  • Non Lucrative Visa..
  • Digital Nomad Visa.
  • Golden  Visa.
  • Entrepreneur Visa.
  • Employment Visa.
  • Self Employed Visa.

Court Cases:

  • Civil Cases
  • Penal Cases.
  • Denuncias accompanied by a lawyer.
  • Bank Products including Cláusula Suelo.
  • Mis-sold Life Insurance as requisite for a mortgage.

Law of Second Opportunity:

  • You may be entitled to relief of up to 100% of your debt.
  • For autónomos and Particulars.

Family Law

Separation. Divorce. Mediation. Children’s Welfare. Parental Responsibility. Grandparents rights. Pre-nuptial agreements

Wills. Inheritance and Succession Law

Drafting your Spanish will. Claiming an Inheritance.  Inheritance & Succession Issues.

Immigration & Residency Law

Residency applications for EU & Non EU nationals.

Brexit Updating Residency Status.

Planning Law

Building. Renovation. Land issues. License of first occupation. AFO.

Criminal Law

Reporting someone or been reported, always accompanied by a lawyer.

Community Law

Communities of Property Holders. Macro Communities.

Real Estate Law, Conveyancing. Commercial

Purchase & Sales. Community Law.

Banking Law

Claims against banks for abusive clauses. Mis-sold products. Mortgages.

Civil Law

Defamation. Libel. Personal Damage. Corporate Damage.

Corporate Law

Incorporation of Companies. Dissolution of Companies. Small Businesses. Self-employed.

Labour Law

Employment. Employment contracts. Redundancy.

Taxation Law

Corporate Taxation. Personal Taxation. Resident and Non Resident Taxes.

Medical Negligence Law

Medical Malpractice. Cosmetic Surgery. Odontology.