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Author: Myra Cecilia Azzopardi

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Car hire in the UK with a Spanish Driving Licence.

A valid Spanish driving licence is a legal permit to drive with in the UK for visitors and those returning to reside the UK. For the latter time permitted can be found on the UK government website. In relation to care hire companies, they all appear to have regulations and some are debatable. For their requirements, please contact the car hire company direct.

Padròn certificates applying online?

Many town halls will offer an online service for applying for an updated padròn certificate. Other town halls will except you to apply in person. certificates valid for any administration offices should be no more than three months old.  FAQS on the  padrón can be found on this link

Should I register on the padrón if I own a holiday home here or not an habitual resident.

Only those habitually resident should register on the census, non residents may find that there can be tax implications by registering, therefore declaring that Spain in their habitual home.  Those applying for residency or the TIE, will likely have to register. It is not a requirement for residency applications but most foreigners office will ask for the certificate. Q&A on padrón matter can be found in the link on the paragraph above.

Resident protected under the Withdrawal Agreement. I updated to a TIE and have now been resident for over five years, can I renew my TIE which is not due to expire as yet?

The reality is yes you can renew your TIE to show permanent. Some of the civil servants at the foreigners offices are not aware and may refuse suggesting you return when your TIE is due to expire.  The resolution on the updating of the green certificate for the TIE makes it clear that those who reach permanent resident status, can update.
“Those who have reached five years of legal residence in Spain may obtain permanent residence as established in Article 15 of the Agreement before the validity of the issued residence document expires. They can apply personally or through their representative at the Foreigners’ Office of the province where they reside or electronically through the procedure for a new residence document. The Foreigners’ Office, in accordance with the procedure provided in Section D, verifies the duration of residence once it has been granted. They should go to the designated police office that issues the document upon payment of the established fees. The new residence document is valid for 10 years”.

I have lost my TIE, do I just apply for a duplicate?

Yes you can apply for a duplicate but the first step is to report the loss or damage of your TIE to the National Police. You will need the report with your other documents to apply for the duplicate. Full information on this site.

Must I notify anyone of my change of status?

Notification to the Central Register of Foreign Nationals of changes and alterations in status.
Foreign nationals authorised to stay in Spain are required to inform the Foreigners’ Office or the corresponding Police Station in the area where they reside or stay of any changes in nationality, habitual residence, and marital status. This notification must be made within a maximum period of one month from the occurrence of the change or modification and must be accompanied by documents that verify these changes.

Who is the regulatory body for lawyers?

Colegio de Abogados in the province of practice.

Who is the regulatory body for administrators of a community of owners?

Colegio de administradores de fincas.

Who is the regulatory body for the banks in Spain?

The bank of Spain which is also the ombudsman.

Who is the regulatory body for registered gestors?

Ilustre Colegio de Oficial de Gestores Administrativos de xxxxxx (Málaga, Alicante, Madrid etc.

Please note: The information provided is based upon our understanding of current legislation. It is not legal advice but is provided freely to enable you to be properly informed. We recommend that if you are considering taking action, you should seek professional advice.

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